Sunday, February 4, 2007

Our Dominican Weekend

Yes, we've been extremely tardy in writing our update - sorry about that folks. Well the week in the Dominican was amazing (as I'm sure you can all imagine). We'll take you through a quick synopsis of the vacation, and let you know that we've updated our account with all the pics from the trip - take a mosey over there and check it out (yes, there will be some funny/intoxicated/childish pics - hey, we were on vacation!

So we arrived slightly later than expected, due to a flight delay (surprise, surprise) - and while we all planned on making it an early night, we took advantage of the Sports Cafe that stayed open until 6am (yes we did - it was a rough Sunday morning).

Sunday was spent hanging out by the beach and pool, eating dinner at the Mexican restaurant and later at the disco. Monday saw most of the guys going on a fishing charter that turned out to be a bit of a disaster. Most of the people were seasick and the water was so rough, the boat almost capsized - all in all, everyone was relatively lucky, although one person had to be taken to the hospital for a pulled shoulder - it was really quite crazy. The girls had much less of a crazy day - mainly spent lazing on the beach. That night was a mutual stag/stagette - the girls went to dinner at the Italian restaurant, on to the casino for some luck on the tables and then to the disco. The boys went to the buffet for dinner and then to the bowling alley to play poker and ended up meeting the ladies at the disco. It was a pretty crazy night for all!

Tuesday everyone took it a little more easy - we hung out by the pool, nursing our hangovers, eating at the buffet as much as possible. That night Seth & I had dinner at the Dominican restaurant with a few of the ladies - stopped by the lobby bar for a few drinks and went home early - since the next day was the wedding!

7am came pretty early on Wednesday morning - the girls all congregated in our room to order room service, have breakfast (complete with Mimosas) and get ready. Lindsay did an amazing job on everyone's hair - and we quickly got dressed, put on our makeup etc. to wait for the JP to arrive. The boys all got ready in Greg & Liz's room - after playing 9 holes of golf earlier in the morning.

The wedding, as you can well imagine (and view via our pics on Shutterfly) was beautiful - really amazing, very short - just picture perfect. And Greg & Liz were lucky enough to get an amazing photographer at the resort - their wedding pics are absolutely amazing. After the ceremony (which wrapped up around 2pm), we all went back to our rooms and changed into our bathing suits and chilled out around the pool some more. Dinner was at 7pm down by the beach - it was the yummiest dinner (salad, chicken wings, steak and coffee mousse for desert)! After the dinner, we all walked up to the lobby bar and enjoyed the live music and a few more cocktails before heading along to the disco - which turned into another long, crazy evening...

On Thursday, Seth and I had an early breakfast and couples massage - then spent the rest of the day hanging out on the beach, shopping at the vendors etc. That night we had our special dinner (that came with our room) - lobster dinner on the beach - it was actually really romantic (as cheesy at that sounds).

Friday was 'activity day' - everyone congregated on the beach to hangout, play a few games and enjoy our last 'full day' in paradise. We played some kind of water polo/soccer/football type game that the guys made up, boccie ball and some of us went riding on the banana boat (which was hilarious - we fell off twice - which is kind of scary and funny at the same time when you're in the middle of the ocean). That night we all had dinner together at the same restaurant on the beach that we ate at for the wedding dinner - most of us actually ordered the exact same thing, since we knew it was so good (and have no imagination). It was karaoke night at the Sports Cafe, so we all ended up there, watching many bad singers sing many bad songs.

So that's our vacation in a nutshell - Saturday went by in a blur and we left the resort by 6pm to take a very late flight back to Toronto - we were dropped off by the cab at 3am and fell asleep almost within seconds of hitting the pillow.

This past week at work was torturous, it was very hard getting back into the swing of things. The weekend couldn't get here soon enough - and has been spent taking it very easy. We did visit our friends Rob & Vone for a yummy Indian dinner on Saturday night - and of course Sether is at a Superbowl party as I write this. All in all, a relaxing, fun weekend and so sad that it's Sunday night...



Anonymous said...

Well not so Anonymous, Its Jesse from the Ottawa Chapter of the Valliers... Some day I should really get to just writing and posting a website - strange since that is my JOB and I haven't done one yet for home...

Anyway, enough about my laziness.

S&S not sure if the invites are out for the wedding of Ken and Yvonne - honestly I have no idea how many or how 'intimate' this is going to be but just throwing a little shout out that hope to see you there.

Will email you, probably now, with some stuff thats hopefully going to happen.

BTW - Nice write up Sara on the vacation. I would be hard pressed to remember anything were it me.

Keep on keeping it on!!

Jesse, Christa, Kayleigh and Connor

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