Sunday, June 3, 2007

Another belly pic

This week went by incredibly fast for both of us - work has been busy and with Seth playing on two baseball teams, just seems like there's fewer and fewer weeknights in the mix. Oh well - I for one could just wish this summer away - as much as I love the warmer weather, I'm so looking forward to August 31st and can't wait for it to finally get here.

Friday night was spent at the Firkin around the corner from us - I met my girlfriend for dinner and Seth joined us when he finally got home from work. Wasn't a late night though - yes, we're thoroughly boring now.

Saturday Seth had to work, and then attend a work-related baseball event - which meant I had the apt to myself all day. I spent the better part of the morning trolling the nearby 'hoods for garage sales, but I found that really, garage-saling isn't all that fun on your own. I came home empty-handed, took a much needed nap (ha!), and then did my cleaning 'chores'. Seth got home at 6-ish and we headed out to see a movie and grab a bite to eat (saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - good flick, but looooooong).

Sunday we had big plans to hit the Toys R Us that's out on the QEW and finally pick out some furniture for the impending nursery, only to find out that the Don Valley + Gardiner were closed - and no way in hell were we trying to get there on Lakeshore alone. So instead we hit the one at Vic Park + Lawrence (actually not as bad as we expected, thought it was smaller than what it was). Managed to find furniture that we both agreed on - which is always a bonus. After that, we did some grocery shopping and Seth is back out playing baseball w/ his men's league team. Yes, we are an exciting couple. I've just finished packing a few more boxes and am going to sit down and watch Pan's Labyrinth - will let you know how it goes...


PS - I know I promised another pic - here's my gigantic buddha belly as of today. I included both side + front views, so you can see that my waist has fully disappeared, along w/ my self esteem ;) ... kidding, but seriously, I can't believe that I'm only 22 weeks - I know I'm going to get a lot bigger, but honestly I can't imagine the skin stretching much more - it's weird, and I think unless you've felt it, it's hard to explain. Anyhoo - have a wonderful 1st week of June!

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