Monday, June 11, 2007

A very cool feeling

This week was a bit of a milestone for us as Seth got to finally feel the baby kick from the outside! It was last night (Sunday), and I'd been feeling the kicks growing stronger, so I put my hand on my stomach and you could definitely feel it and see the stomach move! So I called Seth over and told him to poke right in that spot - and the response he got was a solid kick - pretty cool really.

Overall, we had a great weekend. Friday night was spent cleaning, which doesn't really sound like fun, but it's because we were planning on leaving Saturday morning to hit the cottage with our friends, Greg & Liz. We got out to the cottage by noon-ish and sat around chit-chatting and eating (well, and drinking for them) ... we played some bocce ball, we played some euchre and enjoyed the sunshine. A tonne more people arrived around 7pm and it turned into quite the rowdy party (I snuck off to bed by midnight - too tired!).

Sunday morning came early, and it was even warmer out. We had a lazy morning cleaning up and eating a yummy breakfast, and by 1pm we were heading back into the city. If I wasn't feeling so crappy, we would have stayed and enjoyed the full afternoon there, but I think I caught a cold or something the night before - today I'm really congested and crappy feeling - oh well, it was worth it!

By the time we got back to the city it was mid-afternoon and we just conked out on the couch. It was a pretty lazy evening, with the highlight being the baby kicks. And now it's Monday, sigh, oh well, only 5 more days until the weekend!

Love to all!


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