Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pack it up!

After that novel of a post to catch everyone up to the last month, there's not much more to say ... but in the effort of staying on top of my posts and not having to sit down for another hour to recap the past month + a half, I will try...

On Thursday afternoon this week, we met with the lawyer to sign our lives away. Seriously - no one tells you how many bloody papers you sign when you buy a house - it had to be over 20 signatures. Of interest - apparently the property we just bought comes with some by-laws to 'keep the integrity of the neighbourhood' ... including not being allowed to cut down any trees that are growing on our lot (not that we would - but makes me wonder about whether you're allowed to plant more trees?), and very specific requirements re: the type of fence we're allowed to have - in essence, they state no 'chain-link' fences allowed. Not that this really affects us either - we have a fence and it's to the specified height etc., but interesting to know regardless - apparently everyone in Brooklin needs a bit more privacy than a chain link fence would provide.

So now we've signed all the papers, given them our cheque (that was for more money than I've ever put on a cheque before) - we get our keys on Wednesday of this week! This Wed is also the first day of our prenatal classes - so yeah, we couldn't be busier that day if we tried. It will be tiring and I kind of wish that we could put off the picking up of the keys until Thursday - but I guess we have to go do an inspection of the house to make sure that everything is as it should be - and that needs to happen on the day of change in ownership.

This weekend was pretty quiet for us - Friday saw Seth hitting the Slayer / Marilyn Manson concert (yes, he's a rocker), while I went for a girls night out with some colleagues. Needless to say, I beat Seth home, and then he had to get up and go to work in the morning - although he didn't appear to be suffering from too bad of a hangover.

While Seth was toiling away at work, I was packing up the last of our boxes here - I keep feeling like I'm 'almost' done packing, and then I fill another 2 or 3 boxes - it's really shocking just how much stuff we have. I'm really not looking forward to the unpacking process now.

Seth got home early afternoon and went straight to bed for a nap, while I took myself out to Mt Pleasant for a well-deserved pedicure - it was nice! I got home, Seth got up and we walked up to the Rogers store to rent a couple of DVDs and then hit a patio for some dinner before heading home to watch the Number 23 (not great - but not as bad as I heard it was).

Today we got up relatively early and packed some more (yes, I actually got Seth involved - shocker!) - and now he's ensconced on the couch to watch some pre-season football games he PVRd while I write this post. The rest of the day is going to involve a bit more packing (I'm determined to get everything that can possibly be packed done today, so next weekend is less stressful than I expect it will be) - and for Seth - watching lots of football.

So that's it - the only other update I have for you all is that the sprog is continuing to be active and wiggle and kick her way up into my ribcage. Makes for some uncomfortable moments while I sit at my desk - really looking forward to being done with work now, not sure how some people work right up until the end - I'd love to be done now, but know these next 3 weeks will fly by.

Oh and I almost forgot - on Wednesday night I was surprised by some girlfriends with a tiny baby shower - it was adorable. Two of my good girlfriends weren't able to make the shower that's happening in September, so they (along with Liz) decided to get together and throw me a surprise shower. There was munchies, we ordered pizza and there was cake! It was absolutely perfect and adorable - I am a lucky girl that's for sure!

So that's all for now - love to you all - S&S.

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