Monday, August 20, 2007

Too fast

Not much to say about this weekend for us - but as I promised to be better at posting on a regular (weekly) basis, I'll give you a mini-update...

This Wed we picked up our keys for the house - so we are 'officially' homeowners! We also started our prenatal classes on Wed. They are....well, exactly what you expect. I'm sure we'll learn a few things though and hey, if anything makes us feel more prepared - well, all the better!

Friday night we grabbed some dinner and headed up to our new house to take a closer look around and just spend some time up there. Fun, but a long drive to and from for just a couple of hours.

Saturday Seth had to work in the morning and then headed to Greg's for his annual football draft get together with the boys. I stayed close to home, packing and actually chilling out on the couch for most of the day as I wasn't really feeling all that hot.

Sunday I finished our packing (literally everything we could possibly not use in the next 2 weeks is now packed away in a box). Seth got home by noon-ish, helped with a bit of packing and took a nap for most of the afternoon (get togethers with the boys are always so tiring...).

After he got up, we walked up Yonge St in search of dinner - stopped at a Mexican restaurant and ate on their back patio - it was a nice anniversary dinner (yup - 2 years as of Sunday - where have they gone?).

That's it really - low key weekend not quite as productive as I had hoped (as I brought some work home from the office that I didn't even open) ... next weekend is moving day - so it will be busy - and then a week later we 'officially' leave our apt forever... exciting stuff.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend - we'll post another update soon!


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