Friday, March 28, 2008

Busy busy

Just a mini-post as it's been a busy couple of weeks - Seth was off last week, which was really nice. Nice for me to have someone share the 'parenting' with all day, and nice for Maddie because they really got some bonding time together. Because of the crazy hours that he had with Enterprise, he really would only see her for an hour every day before she was off to bed - which isn't a lot, especially to a young baby. But after this past week, Seth can now pick her up when she's upset and comfort her (instead of having to hand her off to me) - that makes us all feel a lot better.

Debbie & Shorty came up to visit over Easter weekend - Maddie got quite spoiled by everyone (including Auntie Liz) - here's a few pics...
Maddie with her new bunny

Maddie in her bunny outfit (from Grandpa + Grandma Burke)

Maddie in her Easter Dress from Grandma + Grandpa Vallier - and her homemade sweater from Ireland! Look at those shoes - too cute! (Yes, that's a mustache you see on Seth - don't ask...)

I've uploaded more pictures to our Flickr page too if you're still dying for more pics (and I know you are!).

This weekend is Seth's 30th birthday party - I'm making tonnes of appies and we have some good friends coming over to chill, party, play some guitar hero - that kind of stuff. Let's just hope that Maddie is able to eventually sleep through it...


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