Thursday, March 20, 2008

She's a genius!

It's now been 4 nights of straight crib-sleeping for Miss Maddie. It is getting better and while I'm still up 6-7 times in the night, I was able to get her back to sleep last night without picking her up out of her crib (for those of you w/o babes reading this, that is a BIG deal for us). So it seems we are on our way to happy crib sleeping days, slowly but surely.

Now onto the genius part ... :D

On Tuesday night at some point, I think 3am-ish (the mind gets foggy and its hard to remember times when you are up and down 6+ times in the night), I heard her fussing over the monitor. It was turning into actual cries, so I got up - but had to stop in the bathroom first. That little detour meant by the time I was on my way to her room, she had stopped crying. I stood in the hallway, listening to her grunt a bit. I'm like, huh - she's doing something. So I tiptoe up to the doorway and peek in. My little genius is on her side reaching for her binkie - as I watch, she grabs it, and clumsily manages to get it into her mouth (after several attempts). She turns her head to the side, happily starts slurping away, and falls back asleep.

I was so impressed I woke Seth up to tell him how smart she was - she can self-soothe. She found her bink and put it back in her mouth on her own! We are on the road to full-nights sleep! He was a little less excited than I was. So last night, I threw 4 more binkies in her crib, thinking as long as there was one within reach, she'd do the same thing.

She didn't. But like I said above, it was a lot easier to get her back to sleep, so that is what I'll be celebrating about instead.


PS - it's now 8:15am and she's still sleeping. I wish I could still be as well, but she's trained me to be awake at 7am everyday, so I couldn't sleep in past 7:30...

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