Monday, March 17, 2008

Shhhhh - she's sleeping

Okay - so the naps haven't gone all that well today - but we have been *trying* to keep to the Baby Whisperer schedule (feed at 7, play, sleep 9-11, feed at 11, play, sleep 1-3, feed at 3, play, sleep 5-6, feed, feed, feed, bath at 7, bed by 8) ... the only thing is that she didn't sleep for 2 hours at 1. She slept for less than 1/2 an hour. And then fussed for an hour until we 'got' her up again at 3. Makes for one tired little monkey. So by 4, I was doing everything humanly possible to make her happy while still awake. My goal was keep her awake until 4:30 (5 is what I should have been reaching for, but come on - it's the first day on a 'schedule' - we need a little flexibility). It didn't matter anyways as things went TNT by 4:15 no matter how many nibbles and butterfly kisses I gave her feet and tummy.

Knowing that all she was crying about was a little sleep, I decided not to fight her and put her in her crib. She's like, what the?!? Mom - you always ROCK me to sleep, then transport me carefully into the crib where I will sleep fitfully for 1/2 an hour. What the hell is the in the crib AWAKE shite?

And so she cried. And cried. And wailed. And screamed. And I did what the Baby Whisperer tells you to - I picked her up to soothe her and put her back down once she stopped crying. Of course she just started crying again when I did that. So then I did what my gut told me to do - I left the room and stood in my bedroom and had a little cry of my own. Then went back in and soothed her some more.

What absolutely shocked me is that she went from wailing to snuffling to asleep within 15 minutes. I mean, she was super over-tired already, but really - from wailing to snuffling to asleep in 15 minutes. I honestly would never have thought that possible. Now we just have to see how long she'll be asleep for...


PS - I know this blog has turned into a mini-obsession with Maddie's sleep habits. I'm sorry about that - but honestly, that's what is plaguing my mind day and night right now. Hopefully we'll get them straightened out and my posts will become a little less one-minded and more interesting. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

It sounds to me like you guys are doing great. Hang in there. Maddie will get the idea eventually, and she'll be a happy little monkey again :)


The Valliers said...

Thanks for the support! I think she is starting to get the idea - probably a little slower than she would if I was able to do CIO properly, but we're getting there...