Friday, April 11, 2008

Adventures at the gym

Yesterday was a tough day for us. The couple of days of (relative) relief from teething pain seemed to be revisited ten-fold on Maddie yesterday. She was just a grump all day pretty much. She cried her way through the breastfeeding group (fun!), and then promptly passed out like a drunken sailor in her stroller while I waited in line at the Passport Office to get her forms filed.

We got home and she (of course) woke up the minute I turned the car off in the garage. So we played some more (my thinking: tire the little monkey out so she'll take her late-afternoon nap earlier and maybe sleep longer so she won't be a nightmare at the gym)...

Yep, it was our first attempt at the gym daycare. And I almost chickened out of going a few times, because I was so worried that Maddie would just cry her way through the entire hour. I brought her toys, and her 'sitting up pillow', and some water in a sippy cup, and her "makeseverythingallbetter" glow worm. I filled out the forms, paid my $5 to the gym and looked around the daycare area in horror as 2 toddlers toddled about, 2 babies crawled around, and one little boy was running around on a clear sugar high. I was leaving my little monkey in the jungle without any defenses. She can't crawl, she doesn't know what's going on. She's groggy and grumpy and by 7:30 when the class ends, she'll be STARVING.

Luckily Liz was there laughing at my reticence to leave her, and I think it was mostly pride that made me mumble out some last minute instructions to the daycare girl, give Maddie a million good-bye-mommy-will-be-back-soon kisses, and walk out of there.

I was actually able to take my mind off of it for the majority of the class - but when 7:30 came I couldn't get packed up and back to the daycare area fast enough.

And there was Maddie - sitting in the daycare ladies arms. Eyes a little red-rimmed from some cries earlier, but acting pretty mellow - and VERY happy to see me (yay!). Apparently she spent the first half hour or so just watching the kids running around (doesn't surprise me - she loves people-watching - nosy parker like her mom). And then started to get cranky... yeah, that didn't surprise me either.

Overall, neither of us were worse for wear. Not something that I'd like to do every time I went to the gym, but at least I now know she will survive if I leave her with (qualified) strangers for a short period of time...

Oh and the workout? Brutal! But at least I can walk today - so hopefully I actually will be able to make it to the gym on Saturday morning this week.

Happy Friday everyone! It's a rainy, stay inside and cuddle day for us - hope your day is just as good.


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