Friday, April 4, 2008

Fatty at the gym

Don't worry, I'm not talking about Maddie. It's actually me - the lardopotomus that just started going to the gym "officially" (meaning to a class that made me work my ass off - pun intended) as of last evening.

I'm going with Liz and our goal is 3 days a week to a Body Pump class, or something similar (because we all know they push you way harder in those classes than you'd ever push yourself).

So we did "Awesome Abs" for 15 minutes and followed that with a 60 min class of Body Pump - essentially lifting weights, doing squats and sit ups to music while an instructor yells at you to "push yourself", "find your core", and "work it" every few minutes.

Actually, I looked forward to it all day long. Within minutes of being in the class though, I was berating myself and what I've let myself become. I know my pants fit a lot more tightly than they ever did before (muffin top ALL the way around - sexy!), my belly looks like a deflated balloon and my ass - as The Donald would say, "it's HUUUUUUUGE". But I guess I still had the picture in my head of the size/shape that I used to be. And that little fantasy was severely snuffed out last night - especially watching my "form" in the mirror - yikes... belly, ass, thighs and sausage arms everywhere....

So yeah - it needs to be fixed. I'm now starting the process - and I WILL get myself back to this (although 'technically' in this pic I was preggo):

Today I can't walk. Stairs are torture. Especially going down. Can't wait until Sunday...


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