Monday, April 28, 2008

It was a productive weekeend!

After returning from the gym on Saturday morning, we all showered and got dressed to head out to Canadian Tire to buy the top soil, grass seed and other gardening supplies we needed to get our project done this weekend. And much to Seth's dismay, as we were on our way to the store, I spotted a garage sale and made him stop (I LOVE LOVE LOVE garage sales - Mom, you did that to me!) ... but I'm happy to report that I got an exersaucer (plain one, so we can put food or different toys on the shelf for her), an activity push-cart thing that makes a lot of noise apparently, and a bunch of toys - a chime ball, some plastic blocks, and other stackable/noise-making toys. All for (wait for it) ... $15! Yes, I am a pro deal-maker.

So we get to Canadian Tire, find the stuff we need, get notified by the teenage sales associate that the sod has beetles (so don't buy it) ... and after a quick detour at the local landscape supply company for sod, make our way back home. We make lunch and then I took Maddie upstairs to lay her down for a nap (it was an action-packed day for her so far and her morning nap was far too short) and Seth headed back out to Cdn Tire (our math skillz are poor at best - he needed more sod and A LOT more top soil).

By now it was getting to be late afternoon, so Seth only had time to lay down the sod (and stamp it, and water it ... and do whatever else he was doing back there - the boy is obsessed with that little patch of sod now) - the soil + seed would have to wait until Sunday. Greg and Liz arrived and found us both still a) not dressed for dinner, b) no where close to being ready for dinner and c) without an awake baby to take to dinner. Yes - Maddie decided to take a 2.5 hour nap that afternoon! So while we had planned on being at the restaurant by 5pm, we didn't end up even leaving until 5:30-ish.

Which leads me to an aside - why do babies always nap for a looooooooong time only when you are kind of counting on the shorter (more regular) nap length? Without fail, if I put Maddie down for a nap, expecting her to sleep for her regular hour nap length, (and actually using that expectation to plan my timing), she will inevitably sleep for 2 hours or more. Is that the baby sod's law rule? Not that I mind her sleeping longer (am always hoping that this will convince her that she SHOULD be sleeping for 2 hours at a time for naps) ... and most things in my life can be moved around, rescheduled, whatever - but still, it's just a funny coincidence...

Anyhoo - so off we went to eat our fill of all-you-can-eat sushi (and deep-fried scallops, tempura shrimp, avocado pizza and other yummy items). Despite having slept for 2 hours, Maddie was still a bit of a grump. Although as I thought about it - can't really blame her. She slept for 2.5 hours and once she was awake, she wanted to be go-go-going, play-play-playing. Instead she was strapped into a carseat or sitting on someone's lap - being told, "No, you can't play with the sushi." "No, don't tip over the soy sauce." "No, the wasabi is not for babies." "Okay, play with the paper menu - oh wait, don't get any paper cuts - here try the napkin." A bit frustrating for a baby with some energy to burn!

Regardless - dinner was fabulous (thanks G&L!) and post-dinner routine with Maddie went shockingly smoothly. She went down to sleep fairly easily and we cracked out the Clue. It was a longer than usual game and I (almost) won! AND Maddie didn't wake up at all - yay! It was a glimpse of what our life will be like in a few months (years) ... catering our schedule entirely around her, but getting to enjoy some grown-up fun while she slumbers away peacefully for the night. That glimpse was nice.

Sunday saw Seth out in the yard doing the top soil/seeding thing first thing in the morning, while I did laundry and some other stuff around the house and Maddie slept. For. Another. 2+ hour. Nap.

Why you ask? Well, because she and I had plans to go with Auntie Liz to the Durham Mamas + Chicks baby show. At 9:30. Instead I got all sorts of housework done and we ended up leaving at 11 instead.

Another quick aside - while I was waiting for Miss M to wake up from her slumbers, I didn't hold back from making any noise while tackling some household chores. The laundry was started. I cleaned (and banged around) the dishes. Put away dishes from the dishwasher. All those things that I'm usually afraid will wake her up (and often do) otherwise. Instead, after we rounded the 2 hour corner on her napwagon, I decided I would try vacuuming - and if she slept through that I would definitely have to go in and see if she was still breathing. Yeah, she drew the line at vacuuming. Good to know.

So off Liz and I went to the baby show while the boys went to their first baseball practice of the year. I got Maddie some (more!) toys at the baby show and found a fantastic wrap that will work perfectly for our Ireland trip I think. It's a (aptly named) MonkeyWear wrap - Cdn company and very different than the other sling configurations I have. All in all, a productive day!

And now it's Monday - Miss M is just waking up now - a BIG sleep in for her, as it's almost 9am. She had a few wake ups last night, but I guess after the last one, finally rolled onto her belly where she then slept nice and peacefully ... why won't she just always sleep on her belly? I don't know - it's a mystery. I've tried explaining to her that she should, because she sleeps so goooooood on her belly - but she won't be convinced. And there's no just putting her down on her belly - if she finds herself on her belly and doesn't want to be there, she screams blue murder ... so it's a crap shoot. But at least now, her 10am baby signing class won't be cutting into her morning nap - she should be well rested now!

Have a good week friend and fam!


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