Friday, April 25, 2008

The zoo and other news

Yesterday we went to the Toronto Zoo - actually I ended up buying a membership as I think it will be a good place for Maddie and I to go during the day. She doesn't really 'look' at the animals (she looks in their direction, but I'm pretty sure she's just looking at the fence in front of her), but as she gets older she'll start looking beyond the fence and hey, it's like a big park to be walking around in with more interesting things to look at for me.

This weekend I have a long list of 'to dos' for us to try and cross off. Poor Seth - he has no idea - although don't feel too bad for him - he crashed out at the same time Maddie went to bed tonight - 8pm. Saturday night we have dinner plans with Greg & Liz - going out for my first sushi dinner since before I was pregnant ... am seriously excited! Then we're heading back to casa Vallier for some game playing - should be good times and hopefully Maddie sleeps through it (unlike last time, when she decided it was far more interesting to be awake with everyone).

Sunday there is a baby show in Oshawa that Maddie and I will be attending. My goal is to try and find a sling that actually works for us - hopefully that will help us over in Ireland if she gets sick of the stroller. Yeah, starting to get nervous about the enormity of the packing list I will need for Ireland ... and I just know that I will forget something crucial.

That's it for us - hope you all have a great weekend!


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