Tuesday, April 22, 2008

She slept through!!!

I can't believe I'm even writing this, thinking about where we were just a little over a month ago with her sleeping habits. But yes, we put Miss Maddie down just after 8pm and aside from one wake up at 10am (screaming her head off for no discernible reason - she even had the binkie in her mouth while she screamed - weirdo) she slept until almost 6am without me having to go into her room at all. There were a few 'shouts' throughout the night, but unless I just slept through her cries (not possible) she really did sleep for the majority of the night. How fabulous is that? I feel like I may be jinxing myself ... but it's felt like we've been moving in this direction for a while as the improvements have continued - so maybe we're really getting here for real. Again, how fabulous is that?

In other news...
  • With all these improving sleep habits, it means that Seth can now put Maddie down to sleep ... and that, my friends, is more fabulous news. It means that I don't always have to be the 'put-to-sleep-er', that I can go out for an afternoon guilt-free - knowing that she isn't sleepless and miserable until I get home. And Seth is pretty chuffed about it as well - proud as a peacock this weekend he was.
  • Maddie pooped in the bath for the first time last night. Hahhaaha - how glad am I that Daddy does the bath, all I had to do was come and grab her with the towel while he got to clean up the mess!
  • We got our lawn aerated yesterday. I felt very suburban as I stood on my driveway with Maddie in her stroller, discussing the merits of fertilizer and aeration with my neighbour. Kind of weird in that, try-to-imagine-your-life-in-a-year weird ... no way I figured things would change THIS much! ;)
  • I am taking Maddie to the zoo on Thursday - since she gets such a kick out of watching our cats I can't imagine how cool she'll think the zoo is.
Well that's all for now - enjoy your day!


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