Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This whole BPA thing sucks

It's official. Health Canada has labeled BPA (Bisephenol A) a dangerous substance. That means my Avent pump, Avent bottles, and Avent pacifiers are all 'dangerous substances'. I'm pissed.

I'm pissed even though Maddie very rarely uses bottles, that she still has been potentially exposed in the limited amount we have used them.

I'm pissed because I love my pump and I use it daily and don't want to have to buy another one.
But mainly, I'm pissed because they should not be frigging making shit that is dangerous at all, much less stuff that OUR BABIES USE DAILY.

And I can't believe that Avent, as a company, has not responded to it's consumers yet. Is there going to be massive recall? Are there going to be any concessions made by them about making so many of their items in this type of plastic?

One good thing that I found out about today is that Zellers is taking all Avent bottles back and giving a full store credit for them. How's that for classy? Apparently Toys R Us is doing the same thing - but not on the pumps yet. So I can get my bottles exchanged for Born Free or some other brand, but then what do I pump into?

I'm beyond annoyed that I have to a) worry about this, b) take the time to fix this, and c) feel guilty about the exposure Maddie has seen in the past.

And one question I have for Health Canada that is a little off topic, but got me thinking with all this talk about 'dangerous substances'. When are they going to label cigarettes a dangerous substance?? I mean, to be fair, they too are cancer-causing products. Why aren't they going to be labeled a dangerous substance, be yanked from the shelves and outlawed from being sold anymore. Just saying...


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