Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend update

This past weekend was a mellow one for the Vallier family. We rented a couple of movies on Friday night, got some take out pizza and just relaxed. Maddie was in bed by 8-ish, so we popped in the first movie: There Will Be Blood - I was so looking forward to this as I love love love Daniel Day Lewis, but I was bored to tears. Literally ended up going to bed early and leaving Seth to watch the end on his own as the movie was THAT boring. Either I'm getting dumber by the minute, or these "masterpieces" are too smart for their own good. And what's up with all the 'dark' movies this year? No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, The Assassination of Jesse James, Atonement, Gone Baby Gone - everything is so somber. Some good, entertaining movies in that list, but just so depressing.

Anyways - Saturday morning I got Maddie up at 7-ish so she'd be ready to go back down for a nap before I left for the gym. Thankfully the plan worked - and Maddie was fast asleep by the time Liz came to pick me up at 9:15 and we headed off to the Body Pump class that thankfully I wasn't too stiff for.

Daddy and Maddie were playing when I got home, so we all quickly got dressed and headed out to Chapters to buy Miss Madds some new books. We were getting a little bored with the ones we had been reading her, and it was an excuse for me to go spend some money at Chapters - yay! We grabbed lunch at Shamrock Burger (GREAT homemade burgers - yum!) and got home just as Maddie was waking up from her afternoon car-ride nap. So while I did some laundry we put in the 2nd movie we had rented - Atonement. Not a movie to try and watch while a baby is playing (and babbling, and squealing, and shouting) in front of you on the carpet. Wasn't the easiest movie to follow when only 50% of my attention was focussed on it - but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Especially the latter half - when Maddie was fast asleep for her late afternoon nap upstairs!

Seth watched some of the hockey game that night and I went to bed early (the excitement just never ends here - wow, we sound so old now) ... then Sunday hit and kicked our asses. Poor Maddie was just miserable - she barely slept all Saturday night and Sunday morning saw her grumpy, tired and in lots of pain. She did get a good morning nap in (probably due to the 4am Motrin dose I gave her) - but the afternoon was a shambles. Trying to get things on the 'to do' list while trying to keep a teething baby happy is difficult at best. Add to the mix, her inability to sleep in the afternoon, and now we have a teething, grumpy baby. Woo hoo! By 7pm we were all exhausted and so we quickly did Maddie's dinner, bath, boob, bed routine and she was out like a light by 8pm. As in - didn't wake up AT ALL until 4am. So I guess that's what we have to do to get some sleep at night - just keep her awake ALL DAY. Poor monkey - I feel bad for her and like I posted before, can't wait until she finally pops these teeth - we'll all be much happier.

On the brighter side of life - Maddie continues to grow up right before our eyes. She babbles constantly now - really has lots to say, it's pretty funny. And as much as her teeth are bothering her - she's still full of smiles and giggles for a game of peek-a-boo, when the "Mommy Monster" snuffles her, or during bath time (she really plays her heart out in the bath now!).

She started a new sound this weekend - it's not really a squeal, just her figuring out higher pitches that her voice can make I think - take a look - it's pretty cute...



Melissa said...

Cute!! Videos are fun.

Jennifer said...

Too cute - I can see how the bouncing makes some people dizzy! LOL!