Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kingston visit

While Seth was away for his fishing weekend, Maddie and I travelled down to Kingston for a visit. We drove down Friday afternoon (I waited until she was ready to go down for her 2nd nap of the day - which meant she slept most of the way there - smart mommy!) - since we were a bit earlier than anticipated, we stopped by the gym where Grandma Vallier was working to visit with her for a while. Then headed on to Grandma Thompson's house where we would be staying.

I got treated to Capri pizza for dinner (yum!) and by the time we were done so was Maddie - she was pretty tired and was pretty easy to get down to sleep (too bad she didn't stay that way - but this isn't a post about sleep so I won't digress).

Saturday morning we tried our luck garage saleing - but were shocked to see that there was only one garage sale in all of Amherstview - dammit!

Saturday afternoon saw us heading out to Buck Lake to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Burke. It was pretty gorgeous out considering it was supposed to rain all day - so we took Maddie on a tour of the gardens. She loves it outside, and this was her first time seeing a lake - she kept staring at it, I think watching the sun make the water shimmer.

Here's a picture of her hanging out on a moose statue in the garden - look at that belly - she's getting so big! And yes, she doesn't look all that happy - but she does have a moose up her bum, give her a break!

We headed straight from my Dad's over to the Vallier's to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Vallier - until Maddie made it quite clear that she was tired, and hungry, and wanted her bath, NOW! So we left - and I addressed all of the above and a very tired little girl went to sleep (and slept well - must've been the fresh air she got!).

Sunday morning we were off again - this time out to Harrowsmith to visit with Aunt Reta, Derek, Amy and the girls - for belated birthday presents for the girls (they got clothes and seemed less than impressed). While Auntie Amy cuddled with Maddie, I went outside to skip with the girls - they don't know any skipping songs yet (and looked at me like I had two heads when I asked them if they knew how to double dutch - I guess they're still a little young for that). But as much as I racked my head, I couldn't come up with one skipping song - so I promised that I would remember some and bring some double ropes for a skipathon when we come to visit them in Bancroft for the long weekend. Umm, so yeah ... I need to find out some skipping songs - anyone remember any?

Seth met us at my Mom's house on Sunday afternoon and we headed back over to the Vallier's for a roast beef dinner that night. Grandma Vallier wanted Maddie to try the teething biscuits she had bought her. Within seconds she had bitten off a huge hunk, which I quickly rescued out of her mouth. I know they are supposed to dissolve quickly, but it was far to big for her to have in there. Too soon I think for those teething biscuits - at least for a nervous mommy like me.

Monday was our road trip day - we took Maddie down to Watertown, NY to hit some of the stores for some shopping. Oh and shop we did! We found amazing deals at Baby Gap, JC Penny had all their Carter's stuff on for 50-75% off, and then Target had about a zillion things on for $3.99. That's right - $3.99. You can't even get close to prices like that up here - so we were very happy for all the deals we were finding, and pretty much bought up everything we saw. Let's just say - Maddie doesn't need any more summer clothes - she's set.

And coolest of all cool things - coming back over the border, we didn't have to pay any duty. I answered the custom agent's questions honestly...
Her: "How long were you in the United States?"
Me: "6 hours."
Her: "What did you do while you were here?"
Me: "Shopped."
Her: "How much did you purchase?"
Me: "I spent $120 and my mom spent $80."
Her: "Okay, go ahead."

I was like, wha?? Just go? As in, don't pull over, show all the receipts (that we had all ready and in order), and pay through your nose in duty? Ummmm, this whole shopping in the States thing may become a bit of a habit for me now...

Oh and I almost forgot. If I only had a crush on Target before - well, it's a full-blown head-over-heels-in-love affair now. Seriously. The. Best. Store. EVER. Not only can I appreciate it from a business sense (amazing retail success story, department store with a twist, developing strategic partnerships with designers, offering interesting, funky products at value prices, clean and organized and eye-catching merchandising) - but I LOVE shopping that store. Seriously. It takes Wal-Mart and kicks its ass all over the retail arena. Prices are AMAZING. Products are fresh, interesting and BRAND NAME (seriously - I saw the Hot Sling I bought in Canada for $70 - on their shelves for $39.99). I CAN'T WAIT until Target comes to Canada. Can't. Wait.

Tuesday was a bit more low-key. My plan was to leave Tuesday afternoon, but I was so exhausted from my shopping extravaganza yesterday and the ensuing sleepless night I had endured, I opted instead to stay one more night and leave Wednesday morning. Maddie and I visited with my friend Stefanie and her little boy Quinn in the morning, then I dropped Maddie at the Vallier's while Mom and I did a bit more shopping in the afternoon and that was the extent of the excitement for the day. It was an early night for us all, thank god.

So Wednesday came and it was packing time. Maddie and I had a great time visiting everyone and enjoyed being cooked for, and looked after, and in general, spoiled. But we were also happy to be heading home - for some good sleep, some different toys, and to see the rest of our family (kitties!).

Today looks to be a quiet day. We may go to the movies this afternoon - Baby Momma is playing at the Ajax theatre - the movies change every week for the 'stars and strollers' option, so this is likely my only chance to see the movie in the actual theatre. We'll see how we're doing by noon today.

And I will post more pics of our visit soon - there's a bunch of good ones I can't wait to share!

Love to you all - hope you're having as good of a week as we are...


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Jennifer said...

I don't even know why I remember these - I can't remember the last time I was skipping:

Apples, peaches, pears and plums,
Jump out when your birthday comes,
Is it January, February, March, April...

Mail man, Mail man, do your duty. Here comes a lady with a big fat booty.
She can wiggle she can wobble.
She can do the twist, but bet ya five dollars she can't do this: Lady on 1 foot, 1 foot
Lady on 2 feet, 2 feet
Lady on 3 feet, 3 feet (1 hand too)
Lady on 4 feet, 4 feet (2 hands too)
(Keep going with random #'s until someone messes up)