Friday, May 2, 2008

Chalk one up for the...

..."Foods Maddie HATES" list:


Yeah, we tried some fresh avocado this morning. I had read about it being a preferred 'first food' for lots of people because babies usually love it, it has all those good essential brain-growing fats in it, and it's an easy 'mash-and-serve' fresh food.

Ummmm ... she HATES it. I mean, scrinkle up her eyes, scrunch up her nose, push it back out of her mouth, gag as she swallows, HATES it.

I was giving her sips of water in between as I thought maybe it's just because it's a little chunkier than she's used to having her food. Maybe that's why she's gagging.

Yeah, no. She was gagging because she HATES it. And she gagged so much she THREW IT UP. All over her bib, highchair and self.

And I don't mean spit up. I mean vomit. Like mucousy, stringy, avocado-y vomit. (Good morning!)

Okay Maddie, I get the hint. No more avocado. Yikes.


PS - I gave her banana for breakfast instead to make up for it. She LOVES banana - so don't worry, she's not starving and is very happy right now.

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