Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Clap clap clap

Chalk another one up for Maddie's milestones. Just before Grandma Thompson left yesterday, Maddie started clapping. She loves to clap at her various musical toys, especially her signing/dancing Elmo doll. He gets many encores.

So we had Grandma Thompson visiting for the weekend and it went by so fast! We did a bit of shopping on Saturday, Sunday we watched Daddy play baseball in the morning and that evening we cooked a turkey for dinner and had Greg and Liz over to share with us. Monday we did a bit more shopping and then Tuesday I made my first pie. So I guess I reached a milestone yesterday as well! It's strawberry/rhubarb and I don't know if it's any good yet as Seth hasn't been home long enough for us to share a piece (and I don't want to eat the first piece of my first pie all by myself!).

This weekend we're going camping. I've been told several times just how crazy people think we are for taking an 8 month old camping. My response has been, if I can survive Ireland, I think a little bit of camping will be just fine. We'll see...

Now we're off to the zoo (fun!) and this afternoon we have another daycare interview (not so fun!).



Deb said...

Just tell people that we're bringing a 2 month old camping and they won't think you're so crazy anymore!

debbie v said...

She is going to love it, We have video of Seth camping at about 9 months old he even fell out of the camper when he was not even walking in the middle of the night now that is another story!!
love grama