Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting to know her

Now that Maddie is mobile, it seems like we're learning everyday more and more what truely interests her (because this is the stuff she crawls for when you put her down). It's very rarely her toys, unless you're sitting with her, then she'll play all day. Instead it's...
  • kitties
  • cat food
  • dirt, lint or any other spec of anything that the Swiffer Vac missed on it's daily pass through the house
  • door stoppers
  • me
  • vent covers
  • tv remotes
  • anything that sings or talks to her (or plays music in general) - including, but not limited to: her singing Elmo, her stand-up piano, and her Leap Frog fridge farm. I didn't realize just how much she loved this thing, until she could crawl and often makes a beeline straight for it when left to her own devices. Hmm, maybe it doesn't hurt that it's right beside the cat food as well.
Yeah, crawling is fun so far. And it's helping me keep my floors cleaner...



L. said...

Good call on the Farm Singing Fridge magnets Maddie, I love them too. They are so super silly.

grama v said...

I cannot wait to see her crawl
I have now watch the video 20 times
She has changed alot since we have last seen her
Her hair is darker red and my little angel looks big.