Wednesday, October 22, 2008

1 yr stats

We had our 1 yr doctor's appointment today. After searching for parking for ages and ages, we arrived at the office just on time, and it was packed! Apparently they were running late, which meant Maddie got to play with the doctor's office grungy toys for almost a full 45 minutes before her name was called.

She also walked around, charming people with her smile and Flirty McFlirt. That's right, she's almost exclusively walking at this stage. A lot of reinforcement from both me and Alexise (daycare provider) - telling her to "stand up!" when she'd start to crawl. So now she usually tries to get around by walking (and falling). She also likes to use her walker lots still - but that's okay - as long as she's not crawling. That's for baaaaaabies!

Anyways, Maddie's name was finally called, and in we headed for the dreaded 1 yr check up. She was weighed and measured - 27-3/4 inches tall and 18lbs 4oz. Still smack dab in the 25th percentile. She's just a tiny one. Everything else is good and apparently she's progressing on as she should be. Then it was time for her shots - the nurse opted to give them to her in her arms, since she was walking - and her thought was that making her legs hurt might put her off walking. My thinking was her legs are bigger than her arms, so it would hurt less in her legs. But apparently I was wrong.*

I had to literally hold her down (to ensure, as the nurse so eloquently put it, that the needle didn't break off in her arm) while she got her shots. And holding down a 1 year old - regardless of being tiny or not - is not easy. Especially after the first shot. She was like a tazmanian devil. A MAD tazmanian devil.

So that's that. We're done with doctor's appointments and shots until 15 months. Boo.


*As so many nurses in my life are apt to tell me. ;)


Vone said...

Wow, Isla is a chunker - she's 18lbs 3oz at her 6 month appointment. Yep - that's 90% percentile. Good thing she's cute :)

debbie vallier said...

awwwwwww my poor angel bad old nurses Shorty had to take Seth to get his needles as I could not stand to see him got through that
You are a Very Brave Mommy!!!!!!!!!!
love grama v

The Valliers said...

Haha Vone - good thing I gave you back all those clothes!

Thanks Grama - I wasn't feeling very brave at the time, but we survived.