Monday, October 20, 2008

A fun weekend

This past weekend seemed to go by in a bit of blur - but a fun blur, not a omigodwhenisitgoingtoend blur - which is a nice change from all the sick/teething/bumrash weekends we seem to have endured recently.

After being in daycare on Tues, Wed and Thurs, Maddie got a break from it and hung out with Mommy on Friday.  She slept in a bit that day, we lounged around after breakfast, went outside to play for an hour before lunch, and by then she was sleepy.  (Side note: we're doing the transition from 2 naps to just one nap a day - tyring to get her used to going to sleep after lunch as that's what they do at daycare, so why not try and make the schedule work in both households, right?)  She took a nap at noon, was up again by 2pm and out we headed to get some errands done at the store, played outside a bit more and that was that really for Friday.  

On Saturday Seth had baseball all morning, while Maddie and I cleaned up around the house.  Well, she played and splashed in the toilet (ewww), and unrolled the toilet paper (annoying), and pulled on the vacuum cord (ummm, dangerous), while I ran around trying to get some shit done.  Then we had lunch and I put her down for her nap.  Three hours later (and starting to run late on the whole, "go see Daddy play his last baseball game before heading out to a birthday party" plan for the afternoon) I just started slamming around and doing my best to rouse sleeping beauty.  It worked, she got dressed for the party and we headed out the door.  Of course we didn't make it in time to see any of the baseball game, but we got to visit with all the tall baseball boys, who Maddie of course flirted with and charmed the "sox" off (haha - sorry, too punny!).

Then we headed to her first little kids' birthday party.  She wasn't the youngest there, but of the mobile ones, she was.  And it's funny to see how she deals with being in a busy, kid-filled situation.  Pretty much like I think I used to.  She ignores the other kids and heads into the other room to play quietly by herself until she feels comfortable, then comes out and kinda plays around, but really sticking pretty close to Mommy and/or Daddy.  

It doesn't really bother me that she's not one of those kids getting in there, into the thick of it all.  Probably because I get it.  I still hate being forced into a group situation where I don't really know anyone.  I'm much better at hiding my uncomfortable-ness and acting all social and outgoing.  But I'm secretly cringing and hating every minute of it.

And that's why I'll never be that mom that says, "Oh go on Maddie.  Go play with the other kids.  Be social!"

Sorry - tangent.  So we had our bday party and I have the cutest pics of Maddie sitting at the table "like a big girl" with a party hat on her head and eating spaghetti like everyone else.  She was so happy and proud of herself sitting there it almost made me cry.

I should also mention that we had a weekend growth spurt on our hands - so we could, literally, not fill the child up.  She just kept eating.  And eating.  Andeatingandeatingandeatingandeating.  It was bananas.  And I more than once pulled out the line, "Where the heck are you putting it all?  Do you have a hollow leg?".  Yes, I've turned into that cheesy adult with the corny lines I used to roll my eyes at.  Sweet.  Now I really am a grown up!

Wow - another tangent.  Okay - so back on track ... After the bday party was over, it was time for the adults to enjoy themselves a bit.  We played a bit of Wii.  Drank a bit of wine.  Watched a bit of SNL.  And another newsworthy event?  Maddie slept. Through. It. All.  Upstairs in her playpen, just slept away like she did it all the time.  Awesome.  Our social life is officially on an upswing.

On Sunday morning Seth had another baseball game, which Maddie and I tried to actually make this time - unfortunately we made it just in time to see them lose the game by one run.  Harsh.  So instead of spending the morning in the fresh air at the ballpark, we did the next best thing.  Headed to the nearest McDonald's and initiated Maddie on the art of the Big Breakfast.  And holy shit, did she love it.  Couldn't get enough of the sausage, we eventually just stopped giving it to her.  And so smiley and happy and proud of herself sitting in the highchair and looking around at all the other people smiling and commenting on just how much of a cutey she is.  Yes, she was in her element.

After a big long afternoon nap (and a lounging afternoon for Seth and I), Maddie headed out to Uncle Greg's with Daddy to watch some late afternoon football, while I got myself ready and headed into the city for my date with the Goddess of Pop.  Yep - the Madonna concert.  It was good times - and I had lots of fun getting out of the house for a little girlie fun.  Although, when I got home, I have to admit it was nice to hear that Maddie had already woken up for her bottle and apparently was asking for me by name "Mam-mam-mam-mam".  How adorable is that?

So that was our weekend - hope you all enjoyed yours just as much.


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