Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dear Miss Maddie,

Happy birthday little one!  You are one year old today.  Exactly one year ago Mommy and Daddy were sitting on a hospital bed, staring down in wonder at the tiny little being that now ruled our life.  I remember being so afraid of breaking you everytime I touched you - and yet, I couldn't stop touching you, holding you, cuddling you.

And you still amaze me bubbs.  Just yesterday I watched you stand up on your own without any support (or coaxing from me) and I was almost moved to tears.

I just can't believe how much one little person can grow, learn and do in just a year.  You have learned so much and so have Daddy and I.  We've learned how to have a 2 minute shower.  How to get dressed in 30 seconds flat.  We've learned to enjoy eating a cold dinner, as your feeding needs come first.  We've learned to live without tv much of the time, as we're too busy playing with you.  And that a trip to the park to play on the swings can be the highlight of everyone's day, not just yours.

I look back at our life just over a year ago and am shocked at just how different it is.  Daddy has changed jobs twice since last year - all in an effort to have more flexible hours and be home more often to spend time with his little sugar pop.  Mommy is still off work, opting to work from home instead, which gives us lots more freedom and time together - at least for now, while you're still getting used to daycare.  We don't go out to dinner, rarely order in take out, and I can barely remember the last movie we went to at the theatre.  Our Saturday nights consist (maybe) of a rented video and some popcorn after we've tucked you in for the night.  And we are blissfully happy with that arrangement.  Priorities have changed, shifted, focused.  We are a family now and you made us that way.

I was going to write you a letter that highlighted a mood, feeling, or memory from each month of your life - but then I realized that is what this blog is already.  It's my diary of our lives to you.  And I hope someday you enjoy reading back over the first of hundreds of entries - as much as you may silently roll your eyes and chuckle at just how novice of a mother I once was!

So instead, I'm writing to you today about who you are right now.  An inquisitive little one year old, that flirts with everyone you see at the grocery store, park, mall.  An extremely loving, happy, laughing little girl that is also strong-willed and demanding of attention.  

You are happiest playing with your toys while either Mommy or Daddy are sitting there with you.  You absolutely love when we play games with you - chasing you around, letting you chase us, "racing" you across the lawn, hide and seek, peek a boo - you name it, if you have both Mommy AND Daddy's attention on you at once, you are laughingly, giggingly, happy!

Your sleeping is getting better, but you're still no star sleeper - and I'm guessing you may never be.  You need to be reassured at night when you wake up - maybe you don't like the dark, maybe you don't like being alone, I'm not sure.  But it's a rare night when we don't spend at least a few minutes rocking in the rocking chair and having a quick cuddle before you go back to sleep.

You're getting used to daycare and you seem to like other children, but you still won't sleep for her and rarely take a bottle from her.  But you never cry when I drop you off and you're always laughingly happy to see me when I come pick you up, so I think you like it well enough.

You are still a tiny little thing, barely wearing 12 month clothes.  Most of the 'warm' stuff I have for you is still a bit too big - but you don't seem to care, notice or  mind.  The one thing you do care about though, is your shoes.  You like to play with your shoes in your closet.  You love when we try different shoes on you.  And you really enjoy when we're out shopping for new shoes and showing you the different choices.  Never did I think that it was possible that a shoe addiction could be genetic, but you are your Mommy's and Grandma Thompson's little girl in that regard.  And we love you for it!

Your best friend right now is Simon, the kitttttyyyyyy.  You love to cuddle him, lay on him, give him hugs and kisses and more hugs and more kisses.  And he loves you too.  He wouldn't be around, sitting directly in the middle of your play area constantly if he didn't.  Although I have to say, I feel sorry for Garfy (the more timid kitty) when you start running around.  He's going to need nerves of steel very soon.

It's been a fast, but also long, year for us.  It feels like it's flown by, but it also feels like we've been doing this forever now.  I can't imagine life without you sugar pop - you are the apple of our eyes.  I hope I always remember just to enjoy the moments - because that's what this past year has been all about.  We've (both) been happiest when we're just enjoying each other, spending time together and playing.

You are a very special little girl.  We love you monkey. 


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debbie vallier said...

Maddie grama and grampa wishes we could be with you today but we did spend some special time with you this past weekend. I cannot believe
our little angel is one today, Happy Birthday my sweet girl.
We love you soooo much darling girl
playing in the park and in the back yard with the ball you giggled so much when gram and gramps kicked it back and forth for you. you are in my prayers little girl.

Love grama and grampa