Thursday, November 13, 2008

The friendship dance

I've got a date with my Babyville mom group friends tonight - sans bebes.  I haven't really seen anyone since the end of September, as I've been busier than I expected to be with this whole "work from home" stuff.

It should be a good time, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and having a proper chat with full attention, instead of being distracted watching the kiddies play around.  It's so funny how difficult it is to make friends outside of a forced situation (i.e. school or work).  There's the whole dance back and forth where you are testing the waters on getting together, what you'll do, how you'll meet up.

I really enjoy living in Brooklin now - have gotten used to having to get into my car to get absolutely anywhere now (oh, I do miss the walking and the subway though...).  But I'm not going to lie, it's far away.  My girl friends in the city I now see only on special occasions.  My other girl friends live east end, yes, but not THAT east end.  It's still a bit of trek to see them.  I have my BFF, L, living in the Brook, but we don't see each other near as much as either of us thought we would.  I guess with me in baby-la-la-land for the past year, we have just been living different lives.

Needless to say, without sounding like a total loser (maybe not?), I'm a little lonely for girlie interaction. I miss being able to call someone up and just say, let's go to the movies.  Let's go shopping.  Let's go get a coffee (or drink!).

I know life has changed a la child.  But I think you should still be able to do those things every one in a while!  


PS - Sorry to place a Thursday morning whinge on you.  Sometimes I wonder if I am a whiner and shouldn't miss those aspects of my "old life" so much.  Do other moms?  Because I don't usually hear anyone saying so.  Maybe they do, they just don't admit it?


Anonymous said...

I can go on and on how my friendships have changed AB (after babies). I rarely see my single friends anymore since we're simply in different places in our lives. Don't get me wrong, they're still great friends, but I don't call them up as often, and they don't call me -- I don't often have the time to go out, and they're more into the spontaneous thing, which I just can't do anymore. But I haven't really made any "mommy" friends. I've always found it difficult to make new friends and I don't know about you, but I've always had these niggling doubts at the back of my mind when I'm with other moms: Do they think I'm a bad mom? Am I disciplining too much? Not enough?

Let me tell you, there is a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff they don't tell you before you become a mom! I think we should sue. ;)

Deb said...

They do and they just don't admit it...;-)

Every now and then, I get tired of being at home with the kids and wish to be able to pick up and go like I used to.

Vone said...

I totally miss just being able to have a shower without having to organize it :) Let alone going out. I love having both girls home but I can't go anywhere without it being a whole ordeal. And with Isla being a totally mommy suck I can't leave her with out feeling guilty.
I think all moms are feeling the same thing.

The Valliers said...

Jenn - I hear you. They really should warn us of at least a fraction of this stuff. Jeez.

Deb - so it's true, huh? I don't even have to just pick up and go - I'm okay with planning it, but just want the ability to GO!

Vone - yes. I can't imagine how stinky and showerless you are with 2 of them on the go all the time. ;)