Monday, February 23, 2009

A little less whiny

Re-reading my last post, I realize I sound like a bit of a whiner... so I thought I'd change the subject and instead, write about how horrible of a mother I am...

On Sunday in the mess of multiple adults getting ready to attend friend's child's bday party, Maddie managed to finagle her way into the bathroom, unsupervised. Which really? Happens all the time - but at this particular time...

A bathroom that had a straightening iron (a fancy, professional, super-hot CHI) sitting on the counter, plugged in and on.

You all know where this is going right?

Fast-forward 30 unsupervised seconds to a screaming, crying, inconsolable toddler. She'd pulled the cord, so the straightener fell to the floor and then at some point touched the hot ceramic plate.

I rush into the bathroom, realize immediately what happened and hold both of her hands under the cold water tap.

After about a minute, I turn the tap off and survey her hands - a little red (which will happen when your hands are being held under freezing cold water) but no blisters...

And then we made the biggest mistake - we fussed and cooed and gave multiple kisses to the "owie" (which we finally tracked down to being her thumb on her left hand). And oh how she milked it. She's a smart one, that button.

Lessons learned:
1) Don't be such a dumb mommy re: hot appliances and easy toddler access.
2) Make sure to thank the baby gods for smiling down and giving me a mulligan on what could have been a much, much worse accident.
3) Stop teaching my daughter how to emotionally blackmail with guilt (kidding - I like hearing her say, "Owie?" and kissing it all better)...


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