Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Maddie says...

We've gotten to the "explosion" language stage where it seems like she's adding a new word every day. Often it's more a case of just repeating what I'm saying (um, time to watch the language...) - but after a bit, it sticks and becomes part of her repitoire:
  • Uppie (all.the.time - this kid likes to be carried...)
  • Dow (when she finally wants to be put down)
  • Kickie! (yeah - that's a kitty...)
  • Gocky (and that would be dog)
  • Cruck (this is truck - but actually refers to all motor vehicles, her toy airplane, and sometimes even her stroller?)
  • Joosh (she loves her some juice)
  • Mommmmmmieeeee (yessss! it only took 16 months, but finally I can represent!)
  • Da-eee (that would be Daddy - or actually, any photograph of a man that in any way resembles Seth, or an illustration of a man in her books, and even DVD covers - in fact she's quite convinced that the man on the front of the RocknRolla dvd is daddy - um, sweetie - that's Gerald Butler - Daddy's cute, but...)
  • Peese (so proud to say that this is "please" - you know, for when she really, really wants something)
  • Shhhh (combined with a finger at the mouth - this is often spoken after she, herself, has screamed or yelled or made some type of loud noise. Yes, shhhhh, indeed.)
  • nnn-Hot (yeah, this isn't funny anymore)
  • Kaow (and this would be cold - or anything that's not "nnn-hot")
  • 'Cuse me (I'm not lying - she does this after burping, with a hand over her mouth)
  • Cuck (this is a duck - also what a duck says - except that one sounds a bit more 4-letter-word-ish)
  • Baw (ball, of course! And also used to refer to blocks and random other toys that I don't really see the connection to.)
What am I missing? The regulars I guess, "hi!", "bye-eeee", "mmmmm-uh" (kiss), "yesh" and "nonononononono". Working now on getting her to call the cats by name - I don't think she gets it - she's just like, um, no - that's kickie, not "Simon", weirdo.


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Freckles said...

Isn't it amazing how language just "clicks"? We've noticed it with Liam over the past few weeks; he's not saying a whole lot, but it's obvious he understands what we're telling him, much better than he did before. Very cool times!