Wednesday, April 22, 2009

18 things

I'd been planning to post a commemorative note to Maddie for her 18 month birthday (? is it called a birthday when it's not a full year?). And um, here we are, 13 days late. Anywho, my post is a nod to the recently popular meme called 25 things. Except this is 18 things. About Maddie. Specifically Maddie at 18 months...
  1. You are binkie-obsessed. I am going to be That Mom who needs to write into Ask Moxie to find out how to break her 8-year-old daughter of her binkie habit.
  2. "NO!" is getting old. Quickly. I'm pretty sure the terrible twos are going to be terrifying if this is the lead up.
  3. Not to say that you're not adorably cute and developing the best sense of humour. Because you are - and your belly laugh is AWESOME.  
  4. I also like that you think I'm the funniest person in the whole world. Because I am, you know.
  5. Your hair is just long enough for pigtails now. And you are friggin' CUTE in pigtails.
  6. Your favourite food is cherry tomatoes. Followed by a close second of blackberries, broccolli and salmon.
  7. You're still super tiny. Like 12-18 month clothes - not even close to growing out of those. 
  8. I love that you are as obsessed with shoes as I am. I foresee a lot of fun shopping trips in our future.
  9. My favourite time of the day is when you first wake up - you've always been such a morning person - even as a teeny tiny baby. Who did you get this from?
  10. The kitty is old. Please stop sitting on him. He's not a chair.
  11. You are starting to string together sentences. Possibly one of the cutest things when I pick you up from daycare is when you say "Mommy car-car" when I'm strapping you into your seat. Dude - you're smart!
  12. I love the crafts you bring home from daycare. This week, you brought home an egg-carton catepillar. It now lives on Daddy's desk at work.
  13. You're still obsessed with Loonette the Clown on Big Comfy Couch. I guess it's not Barney, so I can't really complain.
  14. You love daycare. You love Annette ('Nette!) and all the kids and I love that you don't cry when I drop you off.
  15. You love the park, but hate the sand. You think it's "dirty". I think that's hilarious, because you actually got this princess attitude from your Daddy, not me. 
  16. We started swimming lessons last week, and you love the water. And the other kids. You are friendly and fearless and my heart swells with pride at how well you behave. But if you flash my boob to the public again, I'll dunk you.
  17. Thank you for starting to sleep through the night again. Because, that? Was getting old quickly. And your Daddy and I are old. And in need of sleep. Lots of it, please.
  18. Life with an 18-month old is awesome. Seriously. We are loving this stage and you are (relatively) cooperative, and understand a tonne and can say a lot, and just learning-absorbing-communicating at a level that makes me wonder why we couldn't have gotten here a lot sooner. Because this stage? Is fun. And cool. And we love you and we love life and everything rocks right now. And having said that, I know I've jinxed everything...


Kate From England said...

Number 16...Matt and I died over this tonight!!! (And number 10 was a very close 2nd!!!) Beautiful memories...thank you for sharing! K xx

Carly said...

You've summed up 18 months oh-so-well. Just wait until she can TALK and do all this. It's a whole new hilarious (and frustrating) world!

BTW, you're a great writer, S...

The Valliers said...

Carly - thanks! And yes, I can already imagine how talking will add to the mix...