Monday, April 20, 2009

Utensils part deux

Okay, so maybe I was expecting a bit too much from an 18 month old?  I don't know - seems every article I read on Baby Centre said a toddler should start using utensils by 16 months.

But, as an astute friend pointed out - using may actual refer to holding - as in, a toddler should start holding and understanding the general concept of utensils by 16 months.

Um, okay.  So apparently I'm a little too literal in my interpretation.

Thanks for the feedback though.  Good to know I'm not totally off.  And actually, she managed to scoop some mashed potatoes up tonight and bring the spoon to her mouth without flipping it over (because you know, turning the spoon upside down after filling it kinda defeats the purpose, and results in a pretty messy floor).  

So yay.  Milestone?  Not really.  But a small step towards non-caveman-esque eating.  Goooooo Maddie!


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