Monday, April 20, 2009

Maddie swims and other stuff

We had our first swimming lesson this weekend - and even though it was crowded, and even though I could barely hear the instructor, and even though we were told they (our kids) should be able to blow bubbles and kick their arms and feet by now (HOW??  that was my question - how do I convey to an 18 MONTH OLD that she needs to stick her face in the water and blow?), we had a brilliant time.  Maddie couldn't stop smiling.  Even I had a good time - although must find new swimsuit ASAP as I flashed the entire pool at one point.  Fantastic-o.

In other news - we (and by we, I mean Seth) built the box for the veggie garden.  He made it out of 4x4 cedar posts.  That cost like, a bazillion dollars.  But now we don't have to feel guilty for using pressure-treated wood.  Like everyone else in the world uses for their garden.  Thanks internet, for telling us we would be poisoning our child if we used the much cheaper, much easier to find, pressure-treated mini-ties.

I planted the perennials plants at the side of the house.  And damn, they look sad.  Small and lonely and small.  Did I mention small?  Everyone (including my neighbour, who I chatted with for almost 20 whole minutes - yay to making friends!!!) tells me they will fill in like crazy and grow so well I will need to hack them down a bunch of times over the summer.

I am suspicious.  And a little pessimistic.  Did I mention they look really really small right now?

Oh, and we have ants.  Lots and lots and lots of ants in that side garden.  One of the bloody bastards bit me while I was gardening.  BIT ME.  ?!!??!?!  Do ants bite?  Apparently they do.

So I went all internet on their asses and have been looking up "non-toxic, garden-friendly, family-friendly, pet and child-friendly" ways in which to KILL THEM.  Apparently ants hate cumin, cinnamon, vinegar, coffee grinds and human urine.  Ha.  That's right.  Some people piss on their ants to get rid of them.  I will not be doing that.  But good to know that urine can be used for more things than just jellyfish stings.

You can also buy diatomaceous earth (crushed up crustaceans), which kills the ants by shredding their exoskeleton and then they dehydrate.  Harsh, non?  Or you can buy borax - which is really sodium borate - not harmful to animals, slightly less harsh than table salt, but apparently a very efficient incesticide.

Or I buy some ant traps.  You know those cheap, round, easy to use and oh so effective little trap killers?  Yeah, may be the easiest thing, since the garden is at the side of the house - safe from where Maddie is ever going to be playing.

Now that you're completely educated on the thousand ways to kill an ant, what else can I share? 

We hit up a dual-bday party for some crazy one year olds (hi Isla and hi Alex!!).  It was good times - we ate mac & cheese, played in the ball pit, and chit-chatted with friends.  Maddie had fun too.  I would share pics, but it appears we have lost our camera for the time being.  And by lost, I mean misplaced somewhere in the cyclone that is our house at the moment (why does yardwork = nightmare mess inside?).

Soooooo - it's Monday.  Boo Monday.  I should get back to work.  And so should you...


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Deb said...

Let me know if any of your ant solutions work...I've been tried so many things for a few years now and they just won't go away!