Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend

I have so many blog posts rattling around in my head, but can't seem to really get any down on paper (er, on  

So instead you get a post about our past weekend.  Easter weekend.  Maddie's second Easter weekend.

Last year I didn't get her anything.  Never was a big fan of Easter (maybe as a kid, but even then I didn't like chocolate all that much, yes you heard me right), so maybe that's why it didn't register as a "must-do" holiday on my radar.  But even so - it does seem like I was a bit of a Scrooge last year to not get her a single thing.  I'll be blogging about my theory on some of the why's a bit later.  In the meantime, we can just think I was a b*tch...

Anywho - this isn't about last year, it's about this year.  And this year, I was an awesome mom.  A mom that has been slowly stocking up for about a month.  For an 18-month old that has no flipping clue who this purported Easter bunny is, and why he's so exciting.  My hit rate on the gifts was about 50%...The playdoh in egg cups!  Not exciting.  The My Little Pony with bunny ears!  Couldn't care less.  The adorably soft little lamb!  Meh.  But the truck?  Or the bubbles?  Or the Smarties?  Oh yessir - they were a hit.

So that was Sunday morning.  And the resulting sugar high from the early-morning Smarties resulted in a late-morning crash nap for Miss Maddie that lasted until almost 1pm.  And the rest of the afternoon was spent on the couch watching the Masters.  Oh wait, that wasn't me... Right - and the rest of the afternoon was spent doing laundry, and sorting out goodwill clothes, and reorganizing closets, and avoiding nap-deprived-meltdowns.  Yeah, that's what we did.

The rest of the weekend before that is now just a bit of a blur.  Thurs night was supposed to be an exciting, fun date night in the city and we failed with a capital "F" to make it happen.  Friday we took advantage of the weather to break ground for our veggie garden.  Saturday Seth spent most of the day recovering from food poisoning, and I spent out at a babyshow + buying plants from the nursery.

That's it in a nutshell.  Very uneventful.  But relaxing.  And rejuvenating.  And just a nice family weekend.  


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