Thursday, April 16, 2009

My life right now - in bullets

  • Every morning, just as I'm trying to round her up to get out the door for daycare, Maddie finds something all important to play with.  Right.That.Minute.  Some days I have the patience (and luck?) to cajole her away from the toy without any drama.  Other days (like today), I am that bad parent.  In fairness, I do try to convince her that playing with blocks isn't necessary Right.That.Minute.  And maybe she could put on her jacket and follow me out to the car.  But maybe I'm less patient.  Maybe she's more tenacious.  But we end up in a tug-a-war with the toy, and it ends in tears.  Sometimes tantrums.  But I try not to let myself get that way too much... ;)
  • Aren't blackberry's supposed to be the time-saving, wonderful technology that makes our lives more efficient?  Why then, did I just spend an hour deleting duplicate entries in my calendar, only to synch with my comp and find that I just deleted my whole life in appointments.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding.  I did a restore to a recent backup, but there are appointments and things that have been lost forever.  SO annoying.  And ps? Screw you RIM.
  • I'm so excited that spring seems to be here (knock on wood) for good.  I'm planting a garden this weekend people.  Planting.  A.  Garden.  I'm so domesticated I wouldn't be surprised if I also made lemonade and homemade cookies too.  Yeah, probably not.  But I'm planting!  Flowers!  And other shit that's supposed to come up year after year and that I won't really have to think about ever again!  Woo HOO.
  • Maddie starts swimming lessons for REALS this weekend.  Apparently they like to book these lessons to start the week before they close down for Easter weekend, and since that previous weekend Maddie had an ear infection, this Sunday will be her VERY FIRST lesson.  I am less than excited to be putting on a bathing suit myself, but she will be looking supercute in her one-piece!
  • I've booked myself a few days off at the beginning of May.  My mom will be coming up to visit and I've finally scheduled Maddie in with the doctor to get her (wait for it)... 15 month shots.  Um.  Right.  I guess we're going on the "modified" immunization schedule.  Not because I don't believe in it, but because I'm lazy.  
  • I think we live in one of the most family-friendly suburbs in Ontario, which makes me think it should be super easy to find a babysitter right?  Like one of those teenage girls that loves kids and is looking to make some easy cash?  Someone who would make it possible for Seth and I to have a date night without requiring a family member to make an overnight trip... But see, I don't really chat with anyone in our neighbourhood except for my immediate neighbours.  And their daughters are 9 and 2.  A little young for babysitting.  And as much as I want to make friends with all those trendy, cool moms at the park - I am excrutiatingly shy and have no idea how to approach them.  Any suggestions?  Aside from getting my head out of my arse and just becoming more friendly?  Maybe there's a list somewhere... like at a school?  Maybe I'll start there...
  • My bff L officially started her mat leave yesterday.  She emailed me at noon and told me she was still in her pyjamas.  I hated her a little bit right then.  And then that hate blossomed into a lovely, full-bodied jealousy.  Is it totally strange that 2.5 years ago I could barely imagine having one baby, much less two.  And now I wish that I was preggo with my bff and getting the 2 kid thing over with in 2 years?  Um - hello 30's.  Change much?  Why, yes, yes, we do in fact...
Yup - I think that's it.  Looking forward to another quiet weekend spent around the house working on stuff outside and play play playing with Maddie.  Oh and Sunday is the joint bday party for Maddie's friends at MEGA Fun.  I hear it's really fun.  Mega.  Fun.


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Deb said...

As for the babysitter. Try calling your local high school and ask to speak to the guidance councillor. Maybe they could help?