Thursday, April 30, 2009

So over it

Teething.  I'm done.  It's kicked my ass since she was 3 months old.  

For the past 15 months, it's been a pile of bibs, drool, cold washcloths, teethers, hard plastic nig-nobs, frozen pieces of fruit, random pieces of metal (like my keys), small electronic devices (like my phone), teething tabs, baby tylenol and diaper rashes.

And the temper.  Oh the temper.

She has no tolerance for pain, clearly.  Or these are the sharpest, hardest, most painful teeth any human has ever had to endure.

On the days (weeks) that she's hardcore teething, we deal with a kid who's whiny. Who doesn't sleep. Who hates every and all food set in front of her. Who can't imagine the injustice of not having her binky in her mouth. AT. ALL. TIMES. 

And I have I mentioned the temper?

Hubby is going away for a fishing weekend, and with work being what it is right now, and this teething stage... they'll both be lucky if I don't run away and join the circus by Sunday...


The daily face we see at mealtime...

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