Monday, June 22, 2009

Borderline genius?

Don't you love when you learn something new and random about your kid because someone else showed you?

My girlfriend was over yesterday for lunch, and while pushing Maddie in her swing, started counting. That is, counting every other number, because Maddie would fill in the next one.

Lisa: "One."
Maddie: "Twoooooooo"
Lisa: "Three."
Maddie: "Fo"
And so on and so on. Lisa turned to me and asked, "When did she start counting to ten?".

Uhhhhhh. Today? Holy hell, I have no idea. And that, my friends, is a titch embarrassing and sad.

So today, at drop-off, I asked our daycare provider what was up with that - did she know that Maddie could count to ten?

"Oh yes," she chuckled, "We count the stairs all the time."

Right. So apparently the mother is the last to know. I'm sure that's not the last time this is going to happen to me. But still....dude. Counting? That's kinda huge.


PPS - I know she's not a genius. I know she's not really counting. That it's more new words she has learned, and knows they go in a certain order. She's not picking up rocks and counting them, (although she understands the concept of "two" as anything in a pair is "two!", like two shoes Mommy!), she just gets that this is the order that you say these words in. But still. STILL. It's kinda crazy. Because a year ago? We were really impressed that she was up on her knees, rocking back and forth. And now she's balancing my checkbook...

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Deb said...

Not embarrasing or happened all the time when Austin was in daycare. He learned so many new things there and then would amaze me at home! What I'm afraid of is that since Alex doesn't go to daycare it's my job to teach her all those things Austin would just surprise me by knowing