Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little weirdo

Okay - I think I remember reading it somewhere. Or someone mentioning it to me. So it's common knowledge, I'm not uncovering some kind of groundbreaking truth.

But can we stop for a minute and talk about how WEIRD toddlers are?

A little OCD, a little manic-depressive, a little egocentric with a dash of eccentric.

Toys get lined up. Dirt gets pointed out (ALL the time - I know, the house needs to be cleaned kid, please stop pointing out what is "dirty", thanks). Meltdowns happen at the drop of a hat - and the next minute she's smiling. Nothing is as interesting as a mirror - full length is best - because didn't you know, she's PWETTY!

And while I could understand the shoe obsession (still has it - often wants to just sit in her closet and try different shoes on - or my closet for that matter)...

But now we are experiencing a full-on OBSESSION with her toes. She is always touching them, picking at them. Wanting us to kiss them. And when we're putting cream on her at night (yes, we have this whole bath time/bed time routine that means she gets lotion top to bottom) she INSISTS we put cream on her toe. Specifically her big toe, on her right foot. And being the suckers that we are, we do it. We put it on in a dollop and that keeps her occupied enough for us to put the lotion on the rest of her, and diaper her up.

But seriously - weird, right? Really weird.

At least it's not boring...


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