Friday, June 26, 2009

Easily a Top 10 Memory

We decided to go the easy route for dinner last night and just popped by the local fish & chip shop to pick up some take out on our way home from daycare.

It usually takes about 10 mins or so for the order to be ready, so instead of waiting in the shop (that is teeny tiny and just echo-y enough that I think Maddie's loud discussions of "Dat!" and "Outside!" would have worn quite thin quite quickly) I thought it would be fun to enjoy an ice cream cone before dinner.

Maddie was down with it, because;
  1. it got us outside,
  2. it was fun to walk down the street, and
  3. ice cream is a form of "freeze" which in her mind, is what life is all about these days (she's a popsicle/freezie/frozen anything monster).
So we walked down to the local ice cream shop, ordered a small vanilla cone, and headed to the park to enjoy it.

So we sat. Side by side on a bench in the park. Watching the traffic go by. Watching a band set up for the "Music in the Park" dealio that goes on every Thursday evening in the summer. Smiling at an elderly couple who were doing pretty much the same thing on the bench across from us.

It was incredibly peaceful. The weather was perfect. And the ice cream was really good.

Essentially one of those kodak moments you want to capture (but have forgotten your camera) - so you just soak it in and try to remember every detail.

It just doesn't get much better than this.


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