Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life, lately

  • Work has been busy. 12 hour days busy. Not complaining as I ♥ my job, but yeah - makes for blogging and emailing and general other-life-having a little difficult.
  • Last weekend my mom came up to visit - and we did a whole lot of nothing. Meaning we didn't run around shopping and errand-running as we usually do when she's around. Instead we stuck close to home (granted, we did a bit of garage-saleing, but otherwise, nada) - I gardened, Maddie played, and Mom supervised.
  • Because of the above, my garden is now going gang-busters. Thanks Carly, I took your "assvice"... and my peppers and tomatoes love you for it. Although just by reading the little tag things that come with the plant-cell-packs (I know, genius right - who wouldn't thunk to actually read the directions?) I learned that beans and peas actually don't need a whole lot of room. Neither does leaf lettuce or onions.
  • I've made a new resolution, to try and make a new recipe once a week. Last week I made Spaghetti Carbonara with Prosciutto. It was yummy, but a little rich for me - I'd go less eggs, lighter cream and add a bit of garlic. But otherwise, a success. And now that I've actually blogged about it, I need to figure out a recipe for this week, dammit...
  • And for those of you that just read this blog for the Maddie info - here's the update: she's awesome. And chatty. And wanting to do things herself now, all the time. "Maddie do!" So she does. And life carries on - at a far.slower.pace.

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debbie said...

Thank goodness your back missed you
love gramma