Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The diet of the '90's

So the doctor thinks it's either strep or mono. Mono!!??

She asked me if I had ever had mono before and I was all proud to say that I had avoided it back in highschool when it swept through a bunch of my friends. And then I went - whoa - you think I have MONO?

Apparently, strep looks like mono, mono looks like strep. Until we get the test results back on the strep swab, we won't know for sure. In the meantime though, she gave me some antibiotics and said I could wait until I got the results, or just start taking them (as I'm not a sucker for punishment, I decided to fill the script asap).




Cheryl said...

Okay, so I am totally an anonymous reader of yours who's found your site on the recommendation of Durham Region Baby's site at the beginning of the summer. First, I totally love your blog... I agree with so many of the things you say (e.g. I, have been known to drop the f-bomb rather excessively, and Jeff from BB is WAY hot!). Anyway, for the reason I was compelled to post is that if you were given amoxicillian and you break out into a crazy rash, then yes, you have mono. Apparently it's the tell tale sign (quicker most often than getting the strep results)... unfortunately I did not escape mono in highschool, but hell it sure was the best diet I have EVER been on!!

SnH said...

Hi Cheryl - thanks for reading + commenting! I escaped the rash, and perhaps the mono *knocks on wood* ... as the antibiotics seem to be doing their job ... *more knocking on wood, frantically*

Is it bad that I'm a little sad about missing out on the wonderful weight loss side effect of mono though?

Answer: yes, it's wrong. And perhaps testing fate a bit more than I should be in my early stages of recovery...