Thursday, August 13, 2009

Score one for modern medicine

Turns out it was strep after all. At least that's what I'm assuming as after only 2 days of antibiotics I'm already 215093480958345% better.

So I guess I won't be losing those 15 post-pregnancy-pounds that are sitting like a deflated tire around my midsection.

But it also means that I have energy to you know, breathe and stuff. I actually participated in Maddie's bedtime routine last night, for the first time all week.

It's all come just in time, as today is filled with meetings with VIP bossman, who is in town for his monthly visit. Let me tell you how fun it was preparing for today all week, whilst sick as a dog. Isn't timing awesome?

But once meetings are over, and now that my head isn't a gobbledygook of feverish induced random-non-related thoughts, I will post more interesting stuff. Like my theory of how spoiled kids become spoiled (because it's EASIER!). Or why toddlers choose to favour one parent over the other (Maddie HATES me). And my new philosophy on life (it's only two words - which are not "I'M AWESOME" but perhaps should be).

So tra-la for now peeps...



MC said...

Sorry I told you not to waste your time at the doctor! Obviously you were much sicker than your cheery tone conveyed... glad you're feeling better.

SnH said...

Yes MC - you really shouldn't diagnosis via the interweb... perhaps next time I will turn my camera on myself so everyone can see how sick and pathetic I look and then you will take my whinging much more seriously...