Monday, November 23, 2009

Bullets b/c I don't have the energy to create flowing paragraphs

  • Spent the weekend in Kingston. Specifically to see Stone Temple Pilots, that for some unknown reason, put K-town on their list of concert tours. I guess Scott needs the money? It was a nostalgic walk down memory lane for me - I was one big STP lover at one point. And they still put on a  good show. I felt young and old all at the same time. Mostly old.
  • Maddie joined me on my road trip - and got to spend a bunch of time with Grama V as well as visiting Grandma and Grandpa Burke. She played shy with the latter and acted like a whiny spoiled brat with the former. Quel surprise.
  • Don't you love how you come home to a house as messy, or messier, than you left it? When the Hubs has had all weekend sans toddler to um, apparently sit on his ass and watch football?  
  • Our stove is still not fixed. But apparently the part is "in". But they aren't calling me back for a service appointment because.... Why? Was the cursing and crying and sobbing and begging a little off-putting?
  • Other than that, I slept most of the weekend away. At least, as much as I possibly could.

1 comment:

grama v said...

Hey I resent that part whiny spoiled brat It is just that we love her sooooooooo much spoiled with love is OK LOL
love grama v