Thursday, November 19, 2009

3rd person

Maddie has this endearing habit of speaking in the 3rd person. As in, "Maddie no like 'nanas." Or, "Yes, Maddie have more 'nanas please. Maddie more."

Sometimes it's completely out of context - like, "Maddie no kitty. Beep beep kitty." <-- that just sounds like a whole lot of gibberish, eh? Well, it would to me too, if I didn't know we had a 50 lb cat that lies at the top of the stairs, stretched out and constantly in.the.way. Getting a gentle "beep beep" is far nicer than my method of getting him out of the way---trust.  BUT my point is more that the "Maddie" at the start of that sentence is really unnecessary.

And yet, that's how most of her sentences now start out. And while writing it out here kinda makes it sound like we're raising a little cave-dweller, if you hear it in person, it really is adorable. With a capital ADORE.

I'm sure everything will be MY/MINE/ME/I very soon and I will miss this little egocentricity.


1 comment:

grama v said...

I adore her saying Maddie infront of sentences I will be very sad when she startd to say you and me and I LoL
love grama v