Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And here's more stove drama...

So I haven't written in a while. Perhaps that's because my brain is turning to mush from eating too much microwaved food.

That's right. My stove is still not fixed.  It's a long story.  And I'm feeling particularly venomous about it now. So what better thing to do than complain to you guys, right?

It all started here. When one of the burners magically decided one evening, to not turn off until we actually clued in and unplugged the stove. After time spent online researching and 1-800 calling, we finally determine that our loverly stove has actually been recalled due to dangerous mind-of-their-own-elements just randomly turning on, never to be turned off again.  Lame, but yeah, we all know they don't make 'em like they used to.  So we get an appointment to get the damn thing fixed - 2 weeks later.

Whatever - we still have the oven, right?

For about 2.5 days. Then that stops working.

Huh. That's weird. Better call the recall dept at Frigidaire to report this little occurence as well. Make sure they bring all the parts they need to fix it. You know - trying to be PROACTIVE in the whole, full disclosure of all information affecting said broken-ass stove. We're told, no worries - the repair dude would assess the situation.

Fast-forward to our long-awaited repair appointment on the Monday. Aaaaannnnnd, repair dude is a no show. After numerous calls to the recall line, it's determined that in fact, the repair guy was "sick" that day and couldn't show. Or call. Or let anyone know that he was a no show.

Repair rescheduled for Wednesday. This time the guy shows up.  I show him the stove, explain the issues, and he twiddles away.  About 20 minutes later he's done - well, the cooktop repair anyway. The oven is "not under recall" - it's a regular shitty-quality malfunction and in no way related to the burner issue.  His response to my strong disbelief at this INCREDIBLE COINCIDENCE?  A shrug and, "yup, guess it's just bad luck." Although he did know what was wrong with it (needed a new timer), he couldn't fix it.

Back to the 1-800 number - to be bounced around randomly to different departments before they decided to tell me to call the place the stove was purchased (The Brick) - they'd be able to get the repair done.

Luckily the former homeowners gave us all their old paperwork on the appliances and so I had all the details needed for the Brick repair center. No longer under warranty it was determined.

I responded, "Like I give 2 shits - I'll pay to get it fixed, just please please please send me someone. Oh - and the timer part that this repair dude said we needed."

They promised they would. For Friday. Fantastic - so I had dreams of a working stove by weekend.

Which also happened to be the scheduled date of my annual Christmas bake-a-thon with my mom. All would be good.

Or not. New repair dude shows up. Takes a look and starts fiddling. Then, with a crackle*snap*pop and a puff of smoke - there goes the burners. The only working part of our stove that we had just got back into service.

Turns out, yes, we need a timer.  But he doesn't have the part - gonna have to order it. Will be a few days. Likely Tuesday at the earliest. But oh - because he feels bad for us for wrecking the only working portion of the stove (and because the oven not working isn't actually a coincidence, but related to the original recall issue), he's going to try and get the part through warranty so we don't have to pay.

Lovely. But I just want my fecking stove please. If the warranty process is going to take another 2 weeks, just give me the bill and I'll take it up with Frigidaire later.

So another weekend of eating microwaved food and take-aways. 

And then Monday goes by. And then Tuesday. A nasty cold managed to eat up all enjoyable vacation days that were scheduled in the first place - and making me a little more fuzzy-headed than normal - which meant I wasn't my normal "stalker" self and it took me until today to realize - hey, where's repair dude with my part and his handy-dandy repair skills?

Another call into his office results in a "part is in the States. You have a weirdo non-regular stove and ETA on part is undetermined."

And that's when I said FUCK YOU FRIGIDAIRE.

Actually I didn't. I didn't even use the F-word with the repair dude. I thanked him for his incredible follow-up skills and asked that he please call me the minute the part shows up and if he did so I may just name my next baby after him.

Graham has a nice ring to it - non? It could totally work asexually.

All is not lost though. The Hubs unearthed the ol' George Forman Grill from the basement. No more microwave pasta dishes for us. 

How lucky am I?


**So there's you're answer as to why I've been quiet. Because I've been a brewing pot of instability, irrationality and venom. Or perhaps that's just a side-effect from eating Taco Bell more than once a week...


grama v said...

glad your back sorry about the fecking stove LOL love grama

Rob said...

Me thinks you needs some Pat Foran. Cause, you know, he's on your side.