Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't judge a book...

The Hubs got into an accident last night. He is fine (as is everyone else involved). But his (work) car is not. The tow trucks were on the scene before the cops - which is interesting in a whole realm of logistics that I don't have the energy to really explore at this point.

What was super intriguing (to me anyways), was how nice the tow truck driver was. Because apparently I am pre-judemental  to the extreme and think all tow truck drivers are big, grumpy, scary man-bears on par with a Hells Angel biker.

To be fair, I am openly admitting my misconceived prejudice, so don't flame me too much. And no - I have never, ever, met a tow truck driver, so I really have no basis for this opinion.

As he took the Hubs down to the collision reporting centre, he offered to give him a ride home. And then proceeded to wait for him.

For the better part of 2 HOURS.

At dinnertime. On a random Wednesday night.

Maybe it's the remnants of the big-city living that makes my head spin at this random act of kindness. But dude - that's pretty awesome. Sitting and waiting for the Hubs to get through a crazy line up at a collision centre that was approximately 30 minutes away from our home.

And no, there was no payment involved. He gets paid on the impound fees (or something like that), not on time spent on the "case".

While eating his dinner at 8:30pm, the Hubs relayed this info to me, and all I could repeat (aside from, thank eff you are fine), was, "You know, that was really nice of him".

And it was.

Thank you random stranger. You helped make a bad situation, somewhat better.



Jen O. said...

You know what that was? That was a complete stranger Doing Something.

Good for him.

Joanna and Marcus said...

Oh no no no you have it all wrong. Tow truck drivers are GREAT! I was in my pj's once when my car broke down (shut up). Anyway, tow truck dude was lovely and didn't make me feel like a complete idiot. They are like firemen, the police or super heros (ish). P.S Not all city peeps are jerks.