Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday disappointment

After my lovely "Freedom Weekend" wherein I actually did some slothing, some inspiring blog discovering, some terrible Hugh Grant movie-watching and some reckless eating, Monday arrived. And with it a big fat deja vu style disappointment.

It was the day for our 18 week scan. "Ultrasound Day", if you will. The day I've  been waiting for, curbing these nesting instincts within an inch of their life - just waiting to hear..... PINK?  BLUE??  Tell me already... put me out of my misery...

Friends and family will be shaking their heads. In befuddlement, amusement, perhaps even amazement. Just how can this happen twice?

So yes - Lil Val #2 is going to remain a mystery. For a while at least. I mean, it should only take me a few days to work on the Hubs in convincing we do another 3D ultrasound, right?

Stupid, shy baby parts...


PS -- I KNOW this sounds spoiled and rotten and whiny for no good reason. Trust me - I am VERY happy that all seems well in the womb-world, that we got the "unofficial" thumbs up from the ultrasound tech that he/she looks very healthy and happy and normal. I get it - that's all I should be concerned about. So really really - I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. But it doesn't mean I can't be a bit bitter that it happened again, right?

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Mary Lynn said...

I totally sympathize. The same thing happened to me. It bugged me more during my first pregnancy. I had three good friends pregnant at the same time, and all three of them found out.

But when I went for 18-week ultrasound the technician actually seemed a bit annoyed when I asked for the sex at the end of the session. I assumed she would've noticed by then. She just did a big sigh and said, "well, I'll see if I can tell." And then 20 seconds later said, "Nope, the baby's not positioned right. Sorry." I think she knew but didn't want to tell us.

It drove me crazy that I didn't have a pronoun for the baby. I couldn't use "he" or "she" and I just didn't like saying "it" when I referred to the baby.

With baby #2 we asked at the beginning of the ultrasound if the technician would tell us the sex of the baby, but again no such luck. This time I at least had the impression the technician was trying to find out for us, but the baby was just position the wrong way and not moving.

I considered going for a 3-D ultrasound to find out, but ultimately decided against it. They cost a fair bit of money, and knowing the sex wouldn't change the results. I could live with a bit more suspense.

But I reserved the right to complain about it!