Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's staying a surpise + other impossible goals...

I think we're going to forgo the 3D ultrasound this time. Partly because, "yay surprises!" and partly because a colleague at work completely freaked me out about the safety of ultrasounds in general, and the 3D ultrasound being a gratuitous *extra* that isn't really necessary....and blahblahblah fetal temperature rise and 100 decibel noise factors. Although, if you research anything online, I'm sure you can find someone telling you how terrible and risky and unsafe it is. Including the delicious cheese curds I'm currently enjoying as a pre-lunch snack... I'm sure if I wanted to, I could find out how they were going to give me cancer, or make me blind, or cause congenital heart disease... 

ANYways... so my grand plans for sourcing vintage children's wallpaper for this nursery are slighly kiboshed. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - because seriously? "Sourcing vintage children's wallpaper" ... I know I live 45 mins from T.O. - but that may have been a stretch for even me... Not to say I still don't salivate slightly when I look at these designs from Secondhand Rose's site:

BUT..... now I just have to find myself some cool vintage-y style fabrics that are little more "neutral" and use as accent pieces. Because you know - what newborn doesn't need a few throw pillows, right?

In other impossible to achieve news - I have decided instead of going to the Great Ikea for Maddie's new "big girl" bed, we are going to make it instead. Ha - I can hear you scoffing and laughing to yourself. Whatever - part of my enjoyable kid-free, hubs-free time last weekend was spent perusing through random design + craft blogs, only to stumble upon Knock Off Wood. I may have died and gone to heaven. Once upon a time I had all sorts of grand plans to make several  pieces of furniture (including a large harvest table made from reclaimed railway ties... Guess what? They're toxic!).

My achievements to-date include two small black, vinyl-covered cubes that currently sit obnoxiously in our living room. These were made in part with my mom and my step-father. To be honest, I did no sewing or drilling. I just gave the measurements and went to work with the staple gun. They're okay. They served the purpose. I now hate them. But at the time - in 2002, they were the shiznay. I had  been coveting a pair of upholstered cube ottomans at Caban for several months and in describing them to my mom, we decided I should just make myself a pair. Of course, mine were made of vinyl. And slightly smaller than they should be. And not quite padded enough. But at the time, there were my crowning achievement and made me want to start making all sorts of things.

And then I forgot about it. Until we moved into our house. And I was coveting a skinny bookcase/console table from Pottery Barn. At this stage I was thinking a bit more clearly and started to research cabinet-making classes at the local college - and put that on my Christmas wishlist for the year. And then I had a baby and good lord I could barely remember to shower, much less attend a class to teach me things. So I forgot about it for a little while longer.

And then, in my desperate search online for a bed that I liked, that I could imagine in Maddie's room, that wouldn't cost a bloody fortune, I found Ana and her plans for the Simple Bed. I am so excited I'm all squirmy like a puppy. Because this is gonna be soooo cool. And yes I'm 19 weeks preggo and planning on building a bed from some 2x4's and 4x4's and that may sound a bit crazy.... but also awesome, non?

So that's the impossible plan for the month of February. But not this weekend. This weekend will be for relaxing, and organizing the garage, and doing some Costco shopping, and fixing our doorbell.

That shouldn't be so impossible. There's not that much electricity that goes through a doorbell, right?



Liz said...

I heart wallpaper number 1 and I think it could work for a boy or girl. It is pretty cool!

Vone said...

yay for keeping it a suprize. And good luck on the bed. I remember when I was going to make a bed - it looks so easy expect this was before I had any tools so nothing happened. The site looks great, it looks doable. I would only suggest painting the wood instead of staining it. Paint can hide more plus you don't have buy as expensive wood.
If you need anything sewed let me know and I can help out. And the wallpaper is pretty cool. Maybe you can get small pieces to frame or to glue on dresser drawers. Check out etsy for paper also.

Sara...noH said...

Oh yes, totally planning on painting the wood. In fact, I'm now currently obsessed with the thought of renting a paint sprayer for the weekend and doing the dresser, side table and some bathroom cabinet doors at the same time that I plan on painting white!

Melis said...

I only wish I was half as crafty as you!!