Friday, January 29, 2010

Maddie bits

  • We are in the midst of a massive growth spurt. Like massive. Like 2 yogurts, a full banana, a handful of cheerios is greeted with "Maddie still very very hungry, Mommy" growth spurt. The upside of this is that she's lost that annoying picky-eater philosophy that so recently had come to visit upon us. She ate mashed potatoes the other night - and while that doesn't sound all that crazy for most kids - in our house mashed potatoes are evil. (Well to Maddie, they are - to me, it just means I get a double portiono - goooo starch!) The other upside is that she's slept until past 8am the past few mornings - of course this being Friday I suspect this loverly side effect will not be extended into the weekend... because that would be just too awesome.
  • In other developmental news, we now have a toddler that can open doors. I have no idea if this is an early or late skill for a 28 month old as I've stopped paying attention to the "developmental milestones" that are annoying and sometimes stressful and can frankly, eff off. Anyways - her favourite past-time is now to hide in closets. In and out. In and out. Inandoutandinandout. It's fun. Because I sit and watch her amuse herself and pretend I don't know where she is and did I mention the sitting? And not having to get up? This is a fun skill. Yay development!
  • She also doesn't give me hell every time I try to brush her teeth, get her dressed, clip her nails or brush her hair. Perhaps it's grudging acceptance that these things are going to happen. Or she's growing up. Who knows - I just appreciate the lack of screaming matches in the morning.
  • But the one thing that hasn't gone away is the.... how do I word it? Oh - that's right. Physical abuse. Oh yes. My toddler loves to slap the shit out of me. Just me. Not the Hubs. Not any of the kids at daycare. No one else gets this fantastic display of acceptance of unconditional love. Because yeah, I've researched the hell out of it and everyone says "the child hurts the one they feel most comfortable with". Well that's all well and good - but really? TIME OUT.
  • What else does she do (besides beat on me like a 1930's street urchin?) She spends lots and lots of time "reading" to herself (kid has a memory like an elephant and memorizes the stories then "reads" them back to herself constantly); is still obsessed with Dora and Cars and sometimes, but not often, Nemo; has decided she doesn't like the cold "Is too cold out 'der!"; and learned her first joke this week "Guess what? Chicken butt!" (this latter one is actually my fault, and now my daycare provider hates me).
All in all - just regular 2-and-a-bit-year-old stuff, right?


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