Monday, February 1, 2010

So I didn't get to play with electricity

My big plans for fixing the doorbell this weekend were foiled by, well, an unwilling Hubs. But I did get a pendant lamp installed in Maddie's playroom, measured out the wainscoting for the nursery and made cookies with Maddie.

Our camera is currently MIA somewhere in the house (I hope) or I would have pics of our cookie-making adventure. I was shocked I was able to hold her attention during the whole process and I only had to bribe her without about 5 trillion choco chips to do so. Her face was priceless and the pics I did get w/ my blackberry just don't do it justice.

I also fell in love with a white wrought iron bed that I found at Costco. That is seriously playing with my determination to actually make Maddie's "big girl" bed. Because it really is just that gorgeous. Like easily imagine it with patchwork-quilt-and-piled-high-with-stuffies type of gorgessity.  Thanks a lot Kelly! That's the last time let you msg me with a "tip"!

So all in all, a fabulous family weekend. Just no pics to actually prove that the fact.


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