Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now that's gotta be a side-effect

I had a dream last night that I was frantically packing for a "quick flight" to .... somewhere? I don't know where it was - I want to say Florida, and yet, I don't think that's quite right. But I do know that I was concerned that my pedicure wasn't in great shape and that just wouldn't work with flip flops.... so yeah. It was somewhere warm.

And while I was packing (frantically, did I mention the frantic packing?), I was talking to the Hubs about how I thought we probably should take Maddie with us, even though it was going to be a short trip.

His response?

Not worth the hassle. We'll be back in 24 hours and she'll be fine here with the cats. She'll just have to figure out to drink their water.

I'm not 'effing kidding. This was the conversation we were having. LIKE IT WAS REASONABLE. To leave our toddler alone. To drink from the cats' water dish.

And the whole time I had this sinking feeling like, something's not quite right. I feel a little guilty. And OMG have you seen the state of my pedicure? This is Not.Acceptable.

In the end, I woke up just as I was having an argument with the Hubs that I did think we should take her - but since we didn't have a ticket, I'd just put her in my carry-on so the airline wouldn't know. Because you know, while I was fine with her drinking from the cats' water dish, I was worried she wouldn't know when to put herself to bed ON TIME. Yes, that was my main concern. That my unsupervised toddler daughter, who couldn't tell time, wouldn't know that 7:30pm was bedtime and scoot her little ass off to bed.

I am so clearly ready to be a mom to another infant again, yes?


PS - thank you ridiculously small bladder for waking me up at 4am and out of this cockamamie dream that wasn't really a nightmare but giving my heart palpitations nonetheless.


Mary Lynn said...

That's hilarious! My dreams are never so funny.

grama v said...

You should write a novel my dear hilarious story or should I say nitemarishdream story.