Thursday, January 21, 2010

That's right... I'm old.

Last weekend was my birthday. My 34th birthday. I was going to "allude" to being in my mid-thirties, but let's face it. I know I'm not really THAT old in the grand scheme of things. Mom - I'm looking at you here... kidding. (But not really. You are getting O-L-D. You have a 34 year old daughter - that's gotta make you pause)

So in an effort to actually celebrate my birthday with more than a 2-hour sneak out date while Maddie's asleep with the Hubs, we actually invited friends over! For dinner! And pre-dinner drinks and foodie stuff! And playtime for the kids!

My, aren't we grown-ups?

It was fun. We had steak. With double-baked-stuffed potatoes. And some garlic shrimp. And real bacon bits on the ceasar salad. And then we* poured some butter on our steaks. Because we're fat like that...

It was a hedonistic meal and I enjoyed a glass of my much-loved Masi with my steak (gasps of disgust from the pregnancy-rule-following-crowd!) and then sat and laughed at everyone else who DIDN'T have elastic-waist-band pants on.

Good friends. Good food. Good conversation.  Oh - and ice cream cake for dessert? Yeah, that makes for a solid birthday celebration in your *cough*cough* mid-thirties.

The kids' dinner wasn't nearly as nice as ours. KD + hotdogs. But they didn't mind.

Yum ice cream cake. We had more than a 1/4 of it left over and it was demolished by Monday morning.

Sleep is for the weak! The kids ended getting up at 11pm for one last hurrah.
They were lucky, that was when Seth remembered to bring out the cake. Poor Maddie was totally shafted (and yet blissfully asleep - haha - suckers!)


*I'm kidding. We didn't all do that. Just me and Vone. Whatevs. She's got the metabolism of a racehorse and I'm pregnant. We're dually allowed to be disgusting and eat butter on our steaks. Seriously. Don't knock it until you've tried it...


Jen O. said...

I'll concur. Butter on meat = gooood. My husband once basted a roast beef with butter and I nearly died. Died, I tell you, from the deliciousness of it all. I was so delicious, I took pictures of it and wrote about it on the Internets. Oh, and we probably nearly died from all that butter and fat and cholesterol, but who's counting?

Rob said...
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Rob said...

And now the kids think that eating ice-cream cake and singing happy birthday is just one of the many wonderfully fantastic and exciting things that we grown-ups do while they're in bed. Our chances of ever getting them to sleep at a friend's house in the future: 0%. :-)

Mary Lynn said...

Sounds like a great celebration. Happy birthday!