Wednesday, February 24, 2010

23 weeks

  • My hungriest time of the day is between 3-4pm. Which kind of screws with my dinner appetite, but that's okay, I just cram the dinner in anyway.
  • I'm carrying far lower than I ever did the first time around. At least from what I remember. This means I pee. A lot. And if I do a lot of walking I get all crampy and in fear of the baby just falling out...
  • I still love Sour Kids, Gummy Bears and other gelatin based snacks. Seriously - want to make a pg woman your BFF? Buy me some Welch's real fruit snack goodness.
  • The vivid dreams continue. I totally forgot how crazy pregnancy dreams can be. Not necessarily the "I left my baby on the roof of my car like she was a coffee cup" style (but, yes, have those too) - more just stressing out about not having the nursery done or Maddie out of the crib before the baby comes. That`s a recurring theme...
  • Speaking of the nursery - the plan for painting/wainscoting is for March. I figure as long as we can have the goal of getting Maddie into her "big girl bed" by the beginning of April we should be okay. Now watch that transition fall apart like a house of cards!
  • And shhhh, here's my last little confession - the closer we get to baby-time, the more terrified I'm becoming. That I don't remember how to care for a small newborn sprog. That I do remember just how tiring it is, and how will I ever manage to take care of Maddie when I'm that sleep deprived. And guilty, that I'm not eating as "healthy" as I did when I was pg with Maddie. That I'm not taking pictures of my pg belly every single week like I did the first time, does that mean I'm going to be a total slacker mom with this kid and then have to pay for therapy because they have 2nd child syndrome and... Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. For the record. I KNOW I'm being irrational. And that none of my worries are uncommon. It's all normal, everyone feels this way, but it will all be fine blahblahblah. Doesn't change the fact that I'm obsessively convinced that this baby will hate me because he/she feels shafted.

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Vone said...

So far Isla hasn't complained about the 2nd child thing.