Thursday, February 18, 2010

This isn't as whingy as it sounds...

But holy hell I would like for this week to be over, like, pronto. Or in fact, if we're making wishes, that last week never happened? Car accident (yes, again - but not my fault... this time), laptop dying (with all sorts of non-backed-up files because I am a procrastinating moron) and sad family news that I don't really need to get into right now.

So this week has been, difficult, to say the least. But hey, lessons learned - well, at least as far as always making sure you back up your computer files and when your computer is starting to work rather poorly, don't yell at it or smack it. Note to self: It is not a 1985 television, and won't start working a titch better with a good 'cuff upside the head.

Also? Laptops are REALLY cheap now. Like in the $500 range. And that's just crazy to me, because partly you feel like a sucker or paying over $1k for something just 3 years ago that you can now buy for under $600. And also - apparently we shouldn't "expect" computers to last longer than 3 years anymore. Landfills anyone?

So that's my week. And it's culminating in a rather large, kinda important work preso on Friday where I get to show off my video editing skills. (Yes, you can laugh with me. I know my strengths. I CAN analyze the shit out of a spreadsheet. I CANNOT edit the shit out of video. I love adding skill sets in my mid-30's!)

This weekend will be quiet and relaxing. Except for the 8 women + children I am hosting on Saturday morning for a playdate. Um - that won't be quiet or relaxing. Remind me to make plans to do absolutely nothing next weekend please? And to stop volunteering to host get-togethers. Although that does seem to be the only way any vacuuming happens in our house. Yes, we really are that slobby.

Next post will be more interesting, with less whinge. Perhaps with pictures. You know - like a blog is supposed to be... me promisey!|


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