Thursday, February 25, 2010

I tried to get angry, but I was laughing too hard

Tonight - while we're playing "grocery store" with Miss M (which involves her loading her play food into her shopping cart, then out again to "pay" and then back into a grocery bag).

We're at the "grocery bag" stage and Maddie is trying to put the bag on her shoulder. But only manages to get one loop on one shoulder and one loop on the other shoulder. So she's kind of wearing it like a reverse backpack.

Which is clearly not what she wants and she gets annoyed.

"Maddie not do it!" she exclaims, as the bag drops to her feet. Then with a "arghhhh" she kind of hits the bag/picks it up and throws it down again. You can feel the frustration.

Seth: "Now now, let's not act like your mother."

Me: Hahahahahaha. [beat]  Oh. Hey. Wait a minute....

Yes - I have a short fuse. I get frustrated. I often take my frustrations out on the inanimate items that are frustrating me (case in point - my busted ass laptop). So, um, yeah. I couldn't really get angry, especially as I was laughing so hard already at what was a clear case of mommy frustration happening for the little person in front of me.

That didn't stop me from getting her to tell Daddy, "That not nice Daddy!" though...


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